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  • nicklaus999 nicklaus999 Jan 30, 2013 11:40 PM Flag

    what is all this fear and sadness

    Good God, you'd think we were at 20. Come on people suck it up. Never seen such crying and moaning. It's not like the shorts are new here or these tactics are new. They've been going on for well over a year. VHC beat apple, not the other way around. I sincerely believe apple and csco are behind the shorts so expect it to continue until csco settles and HJD paints apple into a corner. Depending on what HJD does to apple will determine if apple appeals in my book. If it's just increased damages and a reasonable licensing rate then I do not think apple appeals. If it's an injunction I think apple will appeal, but that will be so damaging to apple that an appeal won't matter and I think apple will come to their sense shortly afterward. You can't just keep going down this path when there's no hope. If they do that they open themselves up to lawsuits by their shareholders. This is way more complicated then all here say. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Nobody saw the Siemens settlement so, trust KL. The guy knows what he is doing and he is in control and in the drivers seat, not apple or csco. The verdict from HJD can come at any moment. As for buyouts, I am sure there are companies that would love to buy us out, but that ain't gonna happen for one simple reason. The buyout value for VHC is nowhere close to our current stock price and therefore a accurate buyout offer is not digestable to a acquiring companies shareholders. You can't buy a 34 stock out for 100+ and KL isn't going to give anyone a bargain, he doesn't have to. That's another reason to be optimistic. If someone really does want us then trust me they will rip the stock up to the 60/70 range so a buyout offer could happen. Either that or an equity stake which would be a floor under the stock much much higher than it is now. All that is going on now imo is the shorts are keeping vhc stock price under wraps so appl and csco can try and get a better deal. As far as csco goes, I'm fairly confident they won't even make it to trial. So, expect the antics to continue and the stock to drift higher overall. When you get bad days keep some powder dry and buy or just go buy long term options because imo the buyout is inevitable.

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    • Well said. The desire for instant gratification needs to be tempered by reality. A short squeeze to 50 and big investors buying on the run up would be necessary before any thoughts of a buyout could occur. The delta between the current stock price and the potential value is so large that even if $120 PPS is a bargain it is not palatable to the shareholders of the buyer to pay a 300 % premium.

    • couldn't agree more.... I'm with you though that this is apple or cisco keeping the price down. personally i think one of them is trying to buy us but they know what you stated above, and know if they keep us down it is unreasonable to get a 100+ price that is deserves. big picture even with creating 2mill phantom shares that is only 60mill which is a lot cheaper in there mind then paying up an additional 2-3billion in market cap. absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    • Were disapointed to see 5 yesr highs on market and vhc barely moving

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      • I get that, but this stock doesn't necessarily move w/the market. When it goes up and the market down then you have to take the good w/the bad at times. This stock has such great potential and it's unknown for the most part with a potential like almost no other stock has therefore it trades independently at times. Many times you get the benefit to the upside so we can't complain when it does the opposite. Can't win everyday.

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