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  • shrimps_and_lobster shrimps_and_lobster Feb 1, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    my only question now is, I do not recall VHC withdrawing or arguing willful infrigment: can HJD award "if" if finds?


    In the recent Koh decision it appears, jury found willful, and Judge did not. So now what? and good to carry forward to Cisco trial either way:

    The most important part of this JMOL ruling is that Judge Koh, unlike the jury, did not find a willful patent infringement by Samsung. In order to prevail on this one, Apple needed to prove both objective and subjective willfulness. "Objective" and "subjective" relate to the likelihood that its actions constituted infringement of a valid patent. The likelihood is objectively high if someone knowing the patents and all other relevant facts (including all of the prior art that could be used to invalidate them) would think that there is an infringement; it's subjectively high if the infringer actually knew these facts or if they were so obvious that he should have known. This is all just about patents, not Apple's trade dress claims, which the JMOL ruling addressed separately. The jury had found that Samsung's infringement was subjectively willful for three multitouch software patents and two design patents (in other words, Samsung knowingly and willingly copied Apple's designs and technology), but on this basis Apple still needed to prove an objectively high likelihood, which is for the judge (not the jury) to decide. The jury's findings of subjective willfulness were not addressed because the court found that there was no objective willfulness (so technically the jury wasn't overruled because its findings were only about subjective willfulness, but the result was reversed nevertheless). The order says that "[i]f Samsung had an objectively reasonable defense to infringement, its infringement cannot be said to be objectively willful". The order then looks at each of the five patents the jury found willfully infringed, and finds an objectively reasonable defense in each case:

    you can google details of rest it is several pages

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