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  • vhcstrong101 vhcstrong101 Feb 7, 2013 10:46 AM Flag


    Could anyone tell me what the HJD is waiting for? I dont understand why her wont put it out there, he has to be done with apple.

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    • HJD is not "waiting" on anything. To the contrary, his judgment is taking time because he working to chisel his rulings onto stone. He is being prudent, unbiased and legally sound. This Judge is well aware where Apple is going to take his judgment (court of appeals); therefore, a primary objective is ensuring his rulings are supported by case law and within his judicial discretion. The last thing we want is an un-vetted document.

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      • Thanks to everyone but twerpy for the reply.

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      • JSteven, actually, this judge has had the case for a long time; he sat through the MSFT trial, so he knows the facts and legal issues. It would not take him much time to make rulings on outstanding issues. A good judge will make decisions based on his findings and the law, and not really be too concerned about court of appeals review. A good judge cannot be making decisions just not to get reversed. A judge cannot ignore established legal precedent, but he must call them as he sees them and let the court of appeal chips fall where they may. Based on my understanding of Apple's approach to this case, particularly the Allie deposition and then the testimony re an easy work around, I suspect that the judge will go out of his way to punish and deter Apple because of its wilful and knowing abuse of the legal process (ie deposition), false testimony (workaround), even if it means that the judge goes to the extreme in punishing Apple. His findings will clearly support his final rulings on existing motions.

      • Great Reply Jsteven

      • From a legal perspective, one could not ask for anything better than that.

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