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  • willie7 willie7 Feb 14, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Another Markman,this one for the ITC

    Next Tues the 19th. Thanks to Flyers for the grab and the post. And also to VeryHappyCustomer for the copy. Also Postyle thanks for the link to Gillford update. Lots over on IV to read.
    IV. Allocation of Time and Proposed Schedule for Markman Hearing
    Complainants and Respondent Apple Inc. have reached an agreement, and propose the
    following schedule and allocation of time for the hearing:

    -The hearing will be held on February 19, 2013.

    -The parties will present their argument as follows: VirnetX’s Technology Tutorial,
    Respondent’s Technology Tutorial, VirnetX Opening, Respondent’s Opening,
    VirnetX’s Rebuttal (if any), and Respondent’s Rebuttal (if any).

    -The parties have tentatively allotted the 5.0 hours for Markman argument as follows:
    Technology tutorial VirnetX’s presentation: 60 minutes (If Dr. Kelly is
    allowed to testify over VirnetX’s objections,
    VirnetX reserves the right to cross examine Dr.
    Kelly with the unused portion of this time)
    Apple’s presentation: 60 minutes (Apple reserves
    the right to redirect Dr. Kelly with the unused
    portion of this time)
    Markman hearing VirnetX’s argument: 60 minutes
    Apple’s argument: 60 minutes
    VirnetX’s rebuttal argument: 30 minutes
    Apple’s rebuttal argument: 30

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