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  • willie7 willie7 Mar 7, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Nothing has changed folks. part 1

    There seems to be a nervousness on both boards. Some say a little to quiet and not enough posts out of Texas,what can that mean. Some say to many pumpers or bashers,what can that mean.
    Trails is going well just as the Apple and Msft trial went. Its a trial with very bright legal teams and Cisco trying to confuse the Jury. Thats the way trials go. Virnetx and McKool have executed exceptionally well these past few years and we have to assume that will continue through Cisco and beyond. Virnetx is an investment perhaps like none other you have ever been in,it is for me. Option buying has been painful. Share buying has been the way to go for sure. I got involved over 2 years ago so my cost basis is about $25, not great since my option losses are 5x my share gains. When one invests in this kind of a situation one takes risks. The shorts have indeed had their way up til now, No sense complaining. if you believe that vhc has great potential then we have to hold tight and just let the plan continue to develop. I have kept every single share but have been forced to reduce my option quantity based on funds. Everyone has to feel comfortable in their investment,if you dont you need to adjust it. Options can work as insurance and as in all insurance you hope you waste your money. The board has all but gone to the dogs,unfortunately there are many good people here. I have been gone more during the day so hard for me to post as much. Maybe we all thought we were going to make a killing in a short period of time and that did not happen and some now feel disillusioned . Understandable. Vhc may take 3 months,6 months or perhaps a year to be at the pps we all had hoped for. If you can wait that long and its not your grocery money you probably want to stay in otherwise you may lighten up your position to your comfort level. Read carefully IV board and digest what is being explained there. Remember the posts of Don,Floyd,Postyle VerryHappy and his friend ,out of space ,continued

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    • Willie - Know what you mean about option loses with VHC. Touch raquet. Thanks for being the voice of reason on this board. As others have mentioned, your posts are the only thing left on this board that speak reason.

    • Willie, I love it. Always remember my lawyer, who I was with for 10 years once told me during trial:
      "When you got the facts you pound the facts. And when you don't, you pound the table."
      I am long. Started watching this at $1.75 If this is not one of the best, tell me another. What's another year??! You either see or not.
      Ok, technicals. Yea they suck and and I think this will make a new low. But not tommow. I think the mm keeps it right aroung 35.00. Number of 36 March options are just below the number of 35's. If you look at the MACD, the CD will cross the 0-Line tomorrow if it's a down day. But the mm know's he has enough time next week until the trial is over to make new lows. Looking for a pos divergance in the 60Min and it's not there. So the daily is controling this for now. As always, news and we just saw that, rules. But don't see that until next week. Today the price bounced off the 50 day Ma. As another post said, gap down and closed a gap. Gotta love that. But did nothing for the MACD. Last time we got the news, not this time. I think he is going to take this down to the 200day MA sitting at 31.25.
      CSCO is toast. De Ja Vue. All over again. GGL's

    • Read the great stuff from Jeff,Strawsine,Amedues from court. Dont try and read between the lines to much as it will make you crazy. Lets now see how well DC and the team at McKool do as they did to Apple. PPS did the same thing pre Apple and the chatter was the same on the boards. This aint easy folks,if it were everyone would be rich.Look back and see all the confirmed patent claims.Virnetx Patents declared essential on ETSI.No prior art has been found. Everything to date has been shot down. How many combined millions have been spent by defendants looking for but not finding prior art. I sure wish vhc was at $80pps but it aint and that the reality. The shorts are swine and will do anything to benifit their cause. Greed does strange things to people and hopefully they will pay. I wont hold my breadth . Point of all this is nothing has changed,do what you need to feel comfortable, let the fud roll off your back . We may have to wait awhile longer.Good luck longs,trial ends next week,then what, hopefully more good news..

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      • willie7,

        Thanks for the post. I have learned so much from you and other serious VHC investors. This investment has been a great educational experience. Unfortunately, as I look across message boards from all my stock holdings, I see that the short manipulation game goes on with virtually all stocks. I've made about 30% on my VHC position so far by buying on the dips and selling when it rises. Won't be selling a share now though. Too much happening now so I will sit tight and wait out the MMs. Just my opinion but I think the best way to mess with the shorts is to be resolute in doing exactly what you believe and be absolutely fearless about it (and don't invest money that makes you feel uncomfortable to lose). GLTA and Happy Friday!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Willie, your posts are the only reason I look here anymore. Most of the idiots are on ignore, except for those spammers which are added daily. I am right with you on all of your two part post. I have a similar basis, and have great faith in the position. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

      • That's right Willie: Shares are the way to go. I've been buying this week, will buy more lower... VHC has theoretically EARNED $1M this week and the market cap is down 5%... Eventually this will be reflected. I cant wait till the Apple royalty in announced... royalty flush... back to my Canadian Club. Long VHC

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