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  • willie7 willie7 Mar 25, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    How will Virnetx make money going forward

    Great post from Don on IV. If you are investors then this is an important post. Many of the bashers would have us believe that VHC has nothing to sell going forward. Quite the opposite is true. We are at the mercy of the shorts and not much we can do about that except maybe a little buying when they bring vhc down.If you are traders then it doesnt really matter. So thanks to Sunlight for the original post and thanks to Don ,as always he is one really smart guy, for taking the information and putting into the light of vhc as being still the same investment as we all think it is. Shorties and fudsters are here to create doubt and from the sounds of both boards they are succeeding. Dons post #42356 may help a little on a bad day.

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    • Can you let those of us who dont go to invetor village what the post says- most dont know or visit the IV sight........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • part 2....Here is why all VirnetX investors should be excited about this program:
        1. FirstNet is a new program to ensure a nationwide level of interoperability and security for the nationwide public safety broadband network. The program is currently funded at $2 billion with more potential funding up to $7 billion. The requirements have been defined and the requests for proposals are being released beginning in less than one year.
        2. Release 10 of the 3GPP are the standards for FirstNet.
        3. The FirstNet Request For Proposals are expected to be released in less than a year (first quarter of 2014). Check out the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) web site for the current dates. On the NTIA web site I found the plan for Arizona and it gives an insight into the schedule for the states (see the schedule below).
        4. VirnetX patents (135, 189, 211, 504, 759) are critical to Release 10. The 64 validated patent claims (see my post 42279) are the key claims for meeting FirstNet requirements. See my post 39044 for details
        5. .Siemens Corporation (signed a license with VirnetX) was the technical consultant for the FCC who prepared the recommended minimum technical requirements for the program.
        6. SAIC is a very strong competitor for prime contractor of the national program and is also a technical consultant to the state and local governments on their technical requirements (Arizona lists SAIC as a partner).

      • Carl its a new program and Virnetx will be involved. No doubt the reason Siemans settled.See #5 in my next post....
        In my opinion the future for VirnetX is very bright and the sell off today is totally unwarranted. For an insight into just one of the immense near-term business opportunities for VirnetX, take another look at Sunlightgolden’s post 39034. Click on the link under “FirstNet Annual Report to Congress Feb. 12, 2013.”- The recommended minimum requirements for FirstNet are in this document and the VirnetX opportunities are listed on page 75).

        Here is why all VirnetX investors should be excited about this program:

    • willie, there is now way for VHC to make money without suing companies and, as we saw with CSCO, that's not even a success anymore. This company can't even get anything to market (mainly Gabriel and SDNI) any you and others on this board choose to ignore that blantant fact, which makes me wonder who you and some others might be working for. This stock is headed to zero. There's nothing the company can do about it given CSNO and (eventual) AAPL losses. This company is finished.

    • willie7 Investor Don Is throwing out the FACTS today. DD is being placed on a silver platter for investors.

    • Shameless liars, hiding behind some ids, and keep posting garbage.

      Watch CSCO and other giants destroy this little patent troll. VHC will never see the daylight.

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