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  • clintjharris clintjharris Apr 1, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Kind of thought this would happen.

    I predicted that VHC would drop to about $15 after this Cisco debacle. I agree it is oversold, however, panic is setting in with alot of unknowns. Apple will appeal, no doubt about that. They have nothing to lose and alot to gain from doing so. This price drop is accounting for the Apple appeal. The likelihood of a deal with Apple is pretty low. It sucks for me... I have Sept 36 calls. Wait and see.

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    • This selling isn't by no one is panic selling. INVESTORS are just biding time waiting for their INVESTMENT to mature.

    • OK - so just tell me on what basis Apple will appeal - I just heard appeal appeal appeal by all those shorting the stock and if you say it often enough people evidently believe it. Anyone looking back at the trial would know that an appeal is NOT going to happen - they lost on ALL FOUR counts so you believe you can win on all four counts on appeal - good luck with that one and Apple needs Facetime and cannot realistically do without it - I know things look bad - scratch that horrible now as the share price drops, but really the company is in a very strong position.

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