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  • willie7 willie7 Apr 5, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    We always new Apple had a MANUAL option for facetime

    This latest ploy by Apple seems to just be saying if you are near servers you may be able to choose the manual way to connect. We know users dont give a damm about Apples fight with Virnetx and they will choose the best and most convenient way to connect. Instead of 1.1million connects daily Apple users will use vhc technology for only1 million connects. Kind of the way I am reading this. Its not really new stuff. ,I could be interpreting this wrong so will keep reading

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    • Will the next iPhone come with an abacus feature as well?

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      • No doubt they will. I am assuming you are referring to a device that will count or measure the way these devices connect so at the end of the day Apple can say we used VHC 85 times per iphone and 3 times with our manual connection. If this were not Apple they would be saying " this is dumb just lets end this and move on" . Apple is losing ground daily and still they fight on. Apples stock is $421 only a few dollars off its 52 week low and $300.00 off its 52 week high.. There is a reason for this. Meantime Google is $230.00 off its 52 week low.

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      % agree. apple knows it needs this ip...especialluy on the ITV, Iwatch, etc. .this is last ditch negotiating tool. i sincerely hope others don't capitulate at the lows here to pro's who DO get it

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      • Here is a little more.Apple knows users will encounter difficulties. This is just a ploy by Apple to say they dont need vhc. Apple will now go backwards in time 10 years as other smarter less stubborn companies move past them and just pay the damm royality......
        From Apple...."The support document outlines a number of scenarios in which this may cause difficulties for users, including when contacting servers that present different internal and external content or which resolve externally but can't be contacted.

        Apple suggests that users who experience these issues turn on VPN manually as needed for the time being, a potentially significant inconvenience for users needing to make extensive use of the feature. Virtual private networking (VPN), which is most commonly used by corporate users to access company networks, allows a user to securely connect to a private network via public networks as if his or her device were directly on the private network."

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