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  • geejo6460 geejo6460 Apr 5, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    I'm Adding!! Apple Has More than It Can Handle

    Gentlemen, I have not been around much as health and other family issues would not allow it. However, I felt compelled today to quickly make a post. I must admit I have not been totally convinced to add to my position lately. Not because I don't believe in VHC any longer, but was just waiting around for Apple's appeal a another small drop in pps to add at that time. After today's announcement of Apple's "workaround", I'm adding. Why? For one thing it has become apparent that Apple is risking the future of their business success on a final "ok, we did iinfringe" admittance. Another, they are out of options as to where to turn. This announcement has led me to think Apple either can't, or won't, appeal but will simply "try" their workaround thesis they offered in court. It won't work. Why they would even announce it makes it clear to me they will try anything to come clean. If they do appeal at this point, I don't believe for an instant they can do anything but attempt to negotiate VHC down with their asking RR or price for buyout. My imnpression: make the advance announcement, then at a later date make your final announcement that "our new tech partner, VHC, and we, have come to an agreement". To make security optional to your customer base is simply stupid!! Who, in their right mind, is going to say "yeah, I don't mind if I'm not secure in my connections, I'm not going to correct the settings." NOBODY!! Security today is paramount--IN EVERYTHING WE DO!!

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    • looks like a last ditch negotiation tactic..seriously. would be adding big here and on any further dip in next week while you can, and if you can

    • Good post Geejo. Glad to see you are still around.Hope your situation is ok for you. I agree and have been adding all week. Small lots and mostly options.
      So the IPad user says " lets use the Apple workaround so we can save Apple from paying Virnetx and royalities" who the H*** is Virnetx and screw Apple. I paid to use my Ipad and I will use it the easiest way I can. Maybe time to buy a Samsung,they are better anyway.

    • Good post! I did add some share today, since I see a clear signal that Appl will change the VPN applications on its products. If they are lawfully use the technology, there is not way to go backward with the technology. Hence, I think it's the last chance for LONGs to added more shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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