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  • eldoctoro eldoctoro May 23, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    In case you were wondering....

    the ~$333K/day still applies. KL gave current due VHC total at ~$440 mil

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    • Not how I understood it.

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    • But no mention of when VHC will get the money and/or the process involved till it is received. The Judge has established timelines of when he could act, but to date he has not acted. Those monies till received are worthless to pushing the share price higher.

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      • The beauty of the tax avoidance publicity is it paints Apple with the same predatory brush that Microsoft has had for years. This is good when thinking about litigation. As much as we all would like to believe the courts bring no bias it just isn't true. A teenager is always guilty of driving recklessly and a tax cheat is probably not paying for technology licensing. This is more positive mojo for VHC.

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    • you are correct,, appl is digging themselved deeper and deeper.. at some point which i believe is now it will make more sense to buy VHC than have to keep waiting and paying 333k a day. Not to mention they thought they had a work around but they dont, they were going to change the software with an update but decided to scratch after they realized it wasnt as good for there users. Appl is just being stingy but sooner or later they will pay up and its not a bad position for VHC to keep getting 333,000 interest until they do. Once they do they will have an ongoing royalty rate which will mean billions in VHC pocket going forward. Makes more sense for AAPL to buy them and everyone knows it. If goog steps in or msft AAPL will really have to pay up. will get interesting and 40% almost short is fuel for a big pop!!!

    • APPL is becoming a talking point around the globe, they maybe legally avoiding taxes, however this is going to come and haunt them big style! I am confident that the whole world knows APPL are not squeaky clean in regards to paying there fair share of taxes (any where in the world) and our kind Judge will only view 440 mil as peanuts. APPL may under estimate how much there profile is being scrutinised. Paying VHC back may just be considered the right thing to do according to the legal process in place - seems to suit APPL with taxes.

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      • As much as I hate to side with Apple I, as a business owner, absolutely hate having to pay corporate taxes. Every quarter I look at how much money we have to send out that we could be spending on our employees, plant, R & D etc. We are at 86 personnel and I think we would be at about 100-110 without the taxes. Without scrutinizing the numbers too hard I would just about guarantee that the net differential between our tax rate and the tax rates of those we employed would disappear if one factored in any benefits they were getting from the government (tax payer). I am in biotech where the salaries are obviously higher and those you employ are typically not from among the ranks of the unemployed (unless you count newly minted Ph.D's/Bachelor degree level types) so it might be apples to oranges but I have to believe globally this would be true.

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