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  • terp516 terp516 Aug 16, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Yes, It Looks Like AAPL's Lawyers Stomped On VHC's Lawyers, Just Like CSCO Did

    From all indications, this is what is looked like. I said right after the CSCO victory that the CSCO trial would set a solid precedent. Don't worry if you are actually infringing, just have your lawyers do a better job confusing people than what VHC is presenting. It appears they're now even confusing the judge, as he just won't step out and make a decision. This appears to be a major win for AAPL since no ruling was made yesterday.

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    • Ugh, why am I even responding to the one note and dreaded short infused Terp? It's one thing to confuse a jury of laymen/women ala what Desmarias did in the CSCO trial. Its an entirely stupid tactic in front of a seasoned patent judge with a computer sciences degree. If you think for one second that this Judge Leonard Davis was confused by anything that happened yesterday you are sadly mistaken and completely off base. Maybe more than ever before. You have written a lot of off base posts in your time, but this is the best ever. Apple may have just cost themselves even more with their showing yesterday.

      As for CSCO and their trial, I think that will be rectified soon.

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      • Thank you S11son. I hope Honorable Judge Davis see's the truth and hits APPL with the maximium allowable fine.
        AAPL should be hit with the highest $ RR amount possible. Look at all the expense they put VHC through and all the wasted Court time. AAPL is not an honorable company. They are a bunch of crooks IMO. They new along they were infringing and tryed to hide and decieve our Justice System with there deception, misdrirection and all thier dishonorable tactic's.
        I will never buy any of AAPL's products, because they have dishonorable people running the company. In other words, AAPL have a bunch of crooks making very wrong important decisions for the company. I hope Justice prevails.

    • No one expected a ruling. 5 days for Apple to reply. Then HJD will make a decision in writing.

    • Your high.

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