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  • willie7 willie7 Dec 26, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    VHC report, reading for both longs and shorts ,new and prior investors

    A good way to start the New Year is to read Justin Moreno's report from last year . Justin ( Floyd ) spent a long time putting these reports together. The first report was from July 2012 then he updated the report on Dec. 2012. The reports were shared with the IV board and later sold to one of the big firms. Its kind of like having a major analyst firm share their DD. It should answer most if not all questions pertaining to VHC as an investment and why not to short unless you are a trader just looking to scalp money as we wait for the legals to end. I cant deny that shorting this stock has paid off over the past 2 years or so. As a trader you are in the market to make money from both the long and short side. If you are a trader that just buys and sells without shorting that has been rewarding as well. The buy and hold has been the least rewarding.
    Lots of great info in the reports,some very technical and some very easy to follow. All worth reading and should spark new interest and new questions for the board.JSB was great to have on our board to explain lots of the legal and technical issues but he has since moved over to IV. Unfortunately there isnt much information that would give us insight into all the legal delays and wranglings we have experienced this year. Thats another issue we just need to deal with. So check out these reports at VHCreports dot ***

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    • rottiek2@att.net rottiek2 Dec 27, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

      As always Thank You for the great info, You have always been a fair person even to the ones that you just want to strangle at times. If they get on your nerves you just ignore them instead of getting into a #$%$ fight. It is a shame that JSB went over to IV, I just can not take them all over there either, I have most on ignore on here but just a few, so I only get some info from here, I will go over to IV every once in a while to see what if anything is going on. Again Thank You for the Great article, Hope you had a great Christmas and Holidays, And a Happy New Year to you and yours. Lets Hope VHC settles this case VERY Soon.

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      • Rottie this board has definitely deteriorated but there are still good posters lurking. The information on IV is priceless as the visa commercial says. Lots of REALLY bright people over there. I stay in touch with JSB but most of the story has been told and its just a waiting game. Sure anything is possible but Virnetx will one day be the company we all think it is. Patent litigation stocks are indeed risky over the shorter term but I still believe we have the next Qualcom here and just need huge amounts of patience, something I lose from time to time. Moreno's white paper while maybe not perfect certainly gives one enough information to make an intelligent decision while adding their own DD.Keep up the good work and dont let the bashers rustle your feathers. ( sometimes kind of fun to respond,I will admit) Thanks for your contributions as well. Happy New Year to You and Yours as well For sure lets hope 2014 is Our Year.

    • Read it and make up your own minds,simple.

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      • Willie, to you and the other helpful posters on these boards and IV, thanks for your insights over the past year since I first began following VHC. There is a wealth of great information provided to those of us less technical and for that I am appreciative. For me, I remain steadfast in VHC's potential but at the same time, disappointed that many of the items KL apparently outlined at the ASM have not come to pass. While no one can control or predict the timing of the litigation, I was most hopefull that significant non-litigant licenses would have been established and that the rollout of Gabriel would have taken place at least on some level. Without such progress it is difficult to remain positive on the stock. I am hopeful that 2015 will bring some significant developments in the key areas needed to establish VHC as the long-term investment we believe it to be. Thanks again to you and others who have contributed in a productive and professional manner on here and IV... And for the others who seem to find joy in bashing and crashing these boards in a sophomoric manner, I can only hope that Santa deposited many lumps of coal in your stockings yesterday! Happy New Year to all! Keepin the faith!

      • Willie, I get most of what you say. However, like the longs, the short side of this hasn't paid off all that well unless you have impeccable timing. The cost of shorting VHC is VERY expensive. Most of the dufuses on this board ALL claim they're making a ton shorting the stock in a variety of ways, however, not one wants to say what, or how, they have sold short, or when!! Based on the cost of shorting and the fact that the short position has NEVER really gone down substantially, I don't think they're making much $$, if any. Yeah, every Numbnuts on this board tells of "how much we're making!!" on the longs, but I'm not buying!! When the price went from $40+ to $11+ the % short seemed to climb. If one were taking profits, the short side should have subsided some. Not so from what I recall, They got greedy and INCREASED their short bet convinced that the "David vs Goliath" story would be different this time, hence they're still around here and on IV "sharing" all their great strategies that have left them--BURIED UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF A SHORT POSITION!!!!!! Yep, they're still around. Why?? Wait, I know, to share their help for all us foolish longs. Riiiiight. Sorry, not buyin'. As far as I am concerned they're still around--begging for shares, and hounding the FUD #$%$. I'm sure every now and then they hit someone's nerve and pick up a few cheap shares to try to cover, but it won't be mine. Sorry Numbnuts & Co. (Terp et al). Their best strategy in start-ups and new companies has always been, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, longevity and a wear-em-down mentality. Look at Numbnuts (he's been here for almost 4 years now (and if you look at his history, he's been doing this for 14 YEARS!! Yep, 14 YEARS!!!) They still are getting paid their pennies to do the posting thing so someone thinks it is still a profitable idea. Like the Energizer Bunny--Still Goin'.

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