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  • oechman oechman Mar 24, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    Summary Judgment?

    Why in the world would JD waste his precious court time with another trial when AAPL continues to do the exact same thing they were doing during the first trial? Could JD issue a summary judgment? How easy would it be for him to assign a .98% royalty rate on future sales and award treble damages ($362 mil x 3 = $1,086 bil)?

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    • Remember HJD has never been reversed and this Apple/ VHC case I am told was his most complete/ transparent conclusion findings he ever filed.

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    • I think AAPL is due to file their notice of appeal no later than end of March. Then another 30 days to file the appeal. So I'm guessing perhaps three months after that we get the ruling - July/August. I expect them to settle before that. They are in a box (unless they are successful in buying the decision)

    • I totally agree with this. I believe I posted a similar statement just after the new suit was filed. Everyone is waiting until Apple loses its appeal then we request a separate judgment that will be granted by Judge Davis. And it should be treble damages. Apple is crazy not to be negotiating a settlement as we speak.

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    • After Microsoft, Apple, and a USPTO sweep- a summary judgement is the only option. Remember the Cisco case was much different because they used Hardware/ Routers that used the patent- plus some lies to confuse jury may still get us the appeal to fix that ruling.

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    • oechy, AAPL is still fighting the patents. So there's no way the judge can just issue a summary judgement. Secondly, AAPL has a proven workaround. The judge doesn't consider that because the longs on this board don't like, he should discount it. The workaround is in and AAPL has complied. Therefore, what's he going to issue a summary judgement on?

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      • Hogan, Apple failed to provide a work around - please read the ruling.

      • Ur a -ucking idiot. The judge already said aapl has failed to provide a workaround. Do your homework. Can't these idiots on here just be truthful when posting. What's the point in just making a bunch of sh-t up

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      • Hey Numbnuts, dat you?? Please shut your lips so that people won't KNOW how stupid you are!! Just shut up and let them guess how dumb you can be. Apple has LOST in trial already and I believe that both filed for summary judgement for the first trial. I know Apple did at one point. DENIED as usual. What the hell does fighting the patents (where they're LOSING BIG TIME!!) have to do with filing for a summary judgement?? They FILED IN THE FIRST TRIAL while the patents were being contested AT THE USPTO you moron!! As for the workaround--it sucks and Apple will/has discontinued it's use (you'd know that if you could read!!) In fact, in HJDs comments he blatantly claimed "Apple GROSSLY underestimated the costs of a workaround or the conversion to a workaround" in his words or close!! They'll pay MORE for a bad quality workaround than to pay VHC what they owe them for superior quality technology!! They got 500,000 complaints using their "workaround" in a very short period of time. Now, go away, and quit being so stupid Numbnuts. That stupidity is low even for you!! Back to iggy land now. Go dream up some other idiotic stuff!!

    • Hmmmm, fair thought. Not an attorney, but I can ask one if it is indeed still possible to file for summary judgement at this time before the trial scheduled next Sept. Interesting to say the least. What else can Apple add to the pot?? Nothing from what I've read. In fact, they are awaiting treble damages, the same Markman definitions, even worse result at trial based on the fact that they cannot suggest "a cheap and EASY workaround" during the trial, etc, etc. It is thoroughly stacked against Apple to begin another embarrassing trial. I NEVER thought it would get to the trial now that the colorable different issue has been laid to rest by HJD. Interesting post. I'll do a little DD on that. AND rec your post!!

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