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  • zgoldansky zgoldansky Oct 3, 2000 2:32 PM Flag

    reply to teo

    hi i just read your report about wirless but look
    the bottom line is this is dead money iam in a bad
    mood looking that the market is up and this is still
    down so who cares about sales pe low vsh just accept
    the fact that we as shareholders are seeing this
    going down and down my point is that even when the
    markt is up this is still going down so i decided today
    iam not looking anymore for what it is dead money and
    i think there are better name than this crap good

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    • Just about all the tech stocks are waaaaay down
      in the last month. There are some incredible
      bargains out there such as SILI, CMOS, LTXX, ASYT, FFIV,
      NVLS, KLAC. This BS about high valuations in tech
      stocks is just that, BS. There are many tech stocks with
      PE's less than 20, with PEGs less than 1, despite
      super performance in recent quarters. The incredible
      tech selloff we've all witnessed in the last month has
      changed reasonable tech prices to bargain-basement
      prices. I'm not saying there isn't more downside to come
      (I don't know), but the upside potential is starting
      to look a helluva lot bigger than the downside
      potential. Next time you hear somebody (such as a columnist)
      use the phrase "tech stocks have high valuations"
      tell them (via email if you can) they don't know what
      they are talking about because many are damn CHEAP
      right now.

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      • I agree.
        Lots of good prices and P/E's out
        there in tech-land right now. I believe we will see a
        bottom here very soon. Now that the NAZ has broken
        support to the downside I think we will get a
        panic-blow-off to the down side. We haven't seen a good market
        wide "panic-sell" in awhile which usually marks a low.
        Keep your eyes on sentiment indicators like the VIX
        and wait for the large volume day that marks the
        bottom. I am long from 63 and will hold as I believe that
        I will eventually come out a winner on this trade.
        It's almost time to double down to lower the cost