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  • mressay2000 mressay2000 Sep 1, 2012 4:09 AM Flag

    Daveparker sold all of his TCHC shares

    He is shorting the stock now and acting like he is long in order to catch panic sellers. Good plan Dave...but you shouldn't tell people what you are doing.

    I guess you can take everything he says with a grain of salt because he is lying to everybody on this board.

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    • Haven't sold a one you wrong idiot. You have been wrong ever since you started questioning my judgement and look what you have with your HCII loss and our TCHC gain again. You are just dead wrong about TCHC and me, so why don't you just stick to HCII and buy some more of it as it falls or if you wish, payup to get in the game with TCHC. We haven't even had the news, but its a coming. Why would anyone be selling when Bruce is still buying hand over fist. We are all wrong from time to time, so come aboard, the more the marrier. No worries.

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      • And the word is "merrier"....I don't know what the hell "marrier" means. Once again...calling me an idiot is ironic.

      • Seriously Dave...all I am asking is that you stop posting TCHC stuff on the HCII board. I cannot stand when people have to resort to that in order to drive volume to their stock....because we all know that is what you are trying to do.

        YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE WRONG HERE. YOU. Not me. Why do you have to resort to those spamming tactics? If you truly believed in your stock then you wouldn't spam other boards....correct me if I am wrong. So...why not just stop spamming? Why is that so hard for you to understand? And how the hell would I know if you sold any shares? The only reason I post that is to get under your skin...which it looks like I did. Calling me an idiot actually demonstrates that maybe you should look in the mirror.

        My HCII loss? I have more than doubled from my original investment. What can you say about your TCHC? Need I remind you of your previous depressing posts on TCHC. About how you are "tired of this" etc. That was only a couple of weeks ago. So I imagine you are in the red.

        Just stop posting spam on other boards because you are currently a spammer and nothing more. Spammers deserve no respect.

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