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  • mressay2000 mressay2000 Sep 6, 2012 2:29 PM Flag

    Word of warning about Daveparker

    Everybody go to the PRU messageboard and also have a stop at the HCII messageboard. He is posting that prudential is buying out TCHC and also posting that HCII is buying out TCHC. Now why would he want to do this? TCHC is a very low float stock. If he can get a few people to buy shares then the stock will have an artificial lift so he can unload. Why else would he be lying about TCHC on other boards? If he truly believed in the company he would keep everything close to the vest and buy for as long as possible at low prices.

    But he is not doing that is he? No....he is trying to artificially inflate the price. Everybody knows that artificial inflation (which that can only be what he is doing) will always come crashing down. I think TCHC is a good company, but if daveparker is artificially inflating due to lies then some of you may be in trouble. I honestly believe that nobody is falling for his #$%$ I do not think you have much to worry about. But this guy is poison to any messageboard.

    If you do not believe me then look at the two other boards I mentioned. He is probably spreading the lies to other insurance company boards as well.

    I imagine he will post about how I want to short the stock etc. in order to deflect the FACTS I presented right now. Just look at the facts that I pointed out and judge for yourself. There is no doubt that he is lying and attempting to artificially inflate the stock price. So...just be careful with the daveparker jackass.

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