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  • marifry marifry Jun 1, 2009 10:32 AM Flag

    Here's a theory?

    I was pretty frustrated on Friday as all my other bank stocks were in the green with the exception of SBCF so I looked on their website and dialed the investor relations line. A Kathy answered the phone and I told her who I was (stock holder) and that I was very concerned about the recent decline in stock price when other banks were rising. She was very nice and said, let me let you talk with our CEO, Dennis Hudson. She came back in second and said someone was in his office, but that he would return my call shortly.

    About 20 minutes later (around 5:15), he called. He was very nice, very down to earth and answered my questions and concerns. He said he was puzzled himself at the stock decline over the past few days and could not explain it. They are well capitalized and meet the Tier 1 capital level and the risk ratio requirements. They are going to be fine and there is absolutely no chance of failure. We talked about 15 minutes or so and he candid, open and professional. I was impressed. I'm thinking this is a good buying opportunity if you have time on your side to hold the investment.

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