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  • todd558 todd558 Mar 20, 2012 12:05 PM Flag

    Interview With The Chairman, President, And CEO

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    • Good read.
      I hope it all works out...

    • Thanks, Todd! That was useful although, as you would agree, not really enlightening regarding stuff we already know. The idea of a myriad of new products is intriguing
      with respect to potential while it doesn't answer my "ad nauseum" questions regarding their sales force and incentives, compensation and driving models.

      You may wonder why I continuously express doubt about the sales side of the house. i come from a background of channels management and it's a different bird. The quality of sales folk that wa inherited in the acquisitions cannot match homegrown talent, grounded in compamny knowledge, product knowledge and loyaltys. That comes with being a local guy with that local culture, not from A&B Distributing. Beardall has a tough job and i've yet to hear any information on that sales management piece other than that he(Beardall) is a guru. What? by nwhose definition and because he has driven their catalog and internet initiatives? I see that as competing with your sales force unless compensation is driving your sales force in the desired direction and objectives. i.e. What do you want them to do; then comp them to do it. And make DYNT THE company to work for in the industry.

      I hope that clarifies my perceived bashing. Also, management at DYNT reads these board. I love sales guys as a valuable
      tool and the face of Dynatronics.

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