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  • jakelame007 jakelame007 Aug 8, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Please READ

    This company is run by horrible management out of Utah. The CEO will tell you all of these great things but it won't happen. You buy in now, YOU will be left holding the bag when this thing tanks below 4. Right now you are see 100k in volume which will become 50k then 10K then 200 shares. Check the history of shares traded for this POS. I sold my lot today when I should have sold on Tuesday. It will not trace back to 6+. It should have shown some signs of retrace by now.

    Facts: Volume dropping, buyers are leaving, longs are getting out (like myself). On Wednesday we did not retrace to 5 and now we are approaching the death 3's. Once this stock hits below 4 it slides. If you bought shares and can get out DO IT. If you are thinking about it, there are 1000 other companies you can make money from. This Tuesday run was a small window for all the longs that needed to unload that came in in December 2012 when it split. Look it up, Volume went to 700K then dropped for 8 months. I leave you to think...

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    • Jakelame007, when I tried to tell you that YOU had been warned about the #$%$ management, you jumped all over me and the "old regulars" here. What's changed? Did you finally realize that we had been here long enough to know what a bad investment this company is? It's great if you want to see a quick profit from the last couple of days. But there will probably be a slow slide back down, just like there have been countless times before.

      Last earnings was a loss. My bet is that the next earnings report will also show a loss. And so on, and so on.

      FYI - I have no more shares of this stock, but I do know quite a bit about this company and management. Things aren't going to change anytime soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • the one day up thing mystifies me. Ususally stocks track up slowly. This one descends slowly. Most stocks lose money quickly in spurts... which makes people jump. I have heard if you raise the temperature of the water slow enough... you can boil investors. the double mystery is... THIS company has earnings, and product... just no spotlight. I would assume their PR people should be fired. Investor relations should be doing a better job... they really do have something good to work with. The tight float here means when it goes up... it rockets. If I were short this stock... I would be scared (s)***less! JMHO

    • You do have a good point. But what is it to you? Why would you spend time writing this? Usually people who do that are stock bashers that want to take a position at a lower price

    • SEC needs to be informed..

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