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  • SirTom99 SirTom99 Nov 5, 1998 4:19 PM Flag

    Conference call

    All this was spelled out on Sept. 28 in the 10KSB that earnings would suck for the next two quarters. Read under outlook part of 10KSB.

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    • Here is what I guess your referring

      "As with any new product, there have been a few
      delays in the manufacturing process and unforseen
      challenges associated with the sales and marketing of the
      Synergie product line during the first quarter of fiscal
      1999. As a result, earnings may not be as strong as
      originally expected in that quarter. Nevertheless, the
      Company remains optimistic that as production processes
      and sales methodologies smooth out over the first two
      quarters, the fiscal year will yield a strong increase in
      earnings, compared to 1998."

      I don't see in here
      where they say the earnings in the 2nd quarter will be
      lower than the first quarter. Also, some investors may
      have interpreted the original 8-12 cent range as
      allowing for some wiggle room in managements
      estimates--since, they did not revise their annual numbers. If they
      did, then the jokes on them, because DYNT has said
      that the 2nd quarter numbers are coming down, and 40
      cents for this year is out of reach.

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      • A lot of micro cap stocks have been trading at a
        P/E of 8-12 lately. At the price this stock has been
        you would assume investors were figuring on 40 cents.
        A year ago the stock was at $1 and earnings are up
        250% which you could safely say its worth $2.50 now.
        For this I think the stock has been a little over
        priced, but since the drop it seems like a good time to
        pick up a few more shares.

      • As far as my outlook, obviously it's a different
        ballgame now. There's more risk as to whether or not
        they'll meet their original sales and earnings
        projections. I'm not going to guess when their sales will get
        back on track, because I honestly don't think even
        they know. There's a big question mark as to how many
        of those 'leads' will turn into actual sales. To
        hear them (mgmt) talk, they feel that there's
        potentially more reward now because the market is less mature
        and therefore there may be a potential for explosive
        growth. As for myself, I'm going to stay long to see
        where this thing goes. I got in at a price that lets me
        sleep at night - even at these levels. Although if it
        goes much below $2, I'll be needing some


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