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  • fireman5436 fireman5436 Feb 1, 2010 11:00 AM Flag


    Only 2 green days from the first 7 days of trading, still up from the $10.00 purchase price but not looking good with another green day in the markets and this is red yet again..........

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    • yeah trading has been weak after 1st day which appeared strong...

      kinda fizzed out..

      yet, value has not changed , equity to asset has not changed , nor has the market area dallas ft worth very good growing market

      what has happened , the demand for bank shares dried up while plenty of flipping tons of money flipping

      investors are still scared of bank stock esp a new one ? like this ?

      either way it is trading at least 5 bucks under book :)

      maybe the market is weary of in direct auto loans ?

      in this climate i do not mind them...the write off from them are small compared to other loan cat

      maybe it is too small for anyone to care?

      patience let us look at this in one years time

      vpfg is 95% of book

      this one id guess would be 85%

      seems very cheap to me

      must be that hedge fund are flipping taking the 1.30 - 1.90 and running

      maybe they are right to do so ?

      texas is a market you want to own

      go onmi american all the way to 85% of book

      13 .75 by years end