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  • joelndll joelndll Mar 24, 2009 10:57 AM Flag

    What was the reslt of the Monday Conferance call?

    What was the result of the Mondat 4:00 pm Conferance call?

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    • Mysonchino - thanks for the research. Since I'm new to EOD, ERH, and EAD, any other insights and opinions are helpful. I know all Evergreen's CEF's pay monthly dividends except for EOD, which I believe is their newest fund and pays quarterly. Their monthly payers have all had dividend cuts recently, so in the hope that the dividends are now sustainable I bought some of these after they cut. I also read that Evergreen reduced and paid off much of their leverage awhile ago, which to me sounds like a positive.

      If EOD's dividend is to be cut, it will probably be announced in their monthly dividend announcement in early June. I'm hoping since they pay quarterly, the distribution is more manageable and they will maintain it where it is - but who knows. One by one, every fund I look at has cut its dividend, so I try to buy it after that in case the price drops.

      So far EOD's up for me so I'm going to hang onto it. I'll keep you posted if I see or hear of anything to change my opinion.

    • Gates, I took a closer look at EOD and ERH. I like EOD better. They are not leveraged, pursue dividend capture and sell call options. They also did not cut their dividend and have recently declared the same quarterly .50. I believe that this fund is using the tools to provide the most income with the least risk. I also like their portfolio composition.

      ERH had a huge div cut in Dec. Over a 50% cut. Their leverage position is only about 20% as of year end so my guess is they had to delever. This reduced the dividend and the potential for a rebound as they had to sell off at the lows. I had another fund (INB) that had to do the same thing. With the leverage being at 20% I don't see that as too problematic at this time but believe the fund has been wounded badly and believe EOD has much better prospects. It also sells at a discount. EOD also said they took a large position in preferreds, something I wish AOD would do. If the dividend holds on EOD for a quarter or two more I think there may be a very good opportunity here.

    • Mysonchino, I got most of my info on EOD from fact sheet too; downloaded it from their website. Here's another brief description I copied from their site:

      "Invests in global equities with an emphasis on companies with attractive dividend policies and/or those with the potential to grow their dividends over time. Focuses on companies in the utilities, telecom and energy sectors. Employs dividend capture and options overlay to increase distributable income."

      I just bought some a few weeks ago to grab the quarterly dividend - and it went up, so I'm happy with it.

      My highest hopes of all my CEF's are with their fund ERH, which a year ago was trading at $28 a share - how many CEF's ever even get that high. Usually the IPO is $20 and it's all downhill from there.

    • I do not own any eod. I seem to have a difficult time getting information from Evergreen and all my broker knows is what he gets of the fact sheet. If anyone has some good insight into this fund it would be appreciated.

    • EOD is sound... mostly international utilities.

      Perhaps you have some currency risk.

      If you notice the utilities are being left out of this rally.

      Also the financials lagged today.

      The one thing that moved were solar stocks. TAN is a closed end fund. It can be bought a bit lower than here.

      ALTEX is also an interesting fund.

      (And on the wild side is EQS.. which has some private companies in it one of which is promising; Investing in alternate energy is too early but it will be a growth area even as the economy continues to fade. Its a matter of public policy)

      I think the bulk of this rally is domestic high beta or momentum stocks.

      You have to expect that momentum will run until it stops.

      When it stops everything will move down again, including the things that did not go up.

    • EOD has no leverage. They do write calls. It has a large concentration in utilities, domestic and foreign, and energy. It has a large discount.

    • Mysonchino - have you ever looked into EOD? They use some leverage and option sales and have a good yield. I read that company (Evergreen) reduced their leverage recently.

      Alpine's owner came from Evergreen, I heard.

    • They are at a point where if they are a "little" bit innovative( leverage, preferredsand option sales) combined with dividend capture and a slowly rising market they just may be able to hold it at 1.44. I hope so.

    • Read the prospectus and the annual report

    • Good post! I appreciate your input given I am one of those lucky ones who have owed JQC long enough to be down 50% and have been in and out of AOD and thinking about getting back in... My problem with AOD is understanding where their dividend income comes from... How do they generate the dividends they pay out owning the common of the companies they own? Looking at the list of holdings, there's no way to generate the income to support these dividends without either leverage or substantial return of capital which of course depletes NAV... How do they generate 1.44 annualized????????

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