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  • mackthenice mackthenice May 24, 2010 10:51 PM Flag

    OT: My New Favorite Financial Columnist...

    My new favorite financial columnist is... bluebuick, whose writing is informed, compelling, and often knee-slappingly funny. I mean, the guy's personality brims over in his words. Thanks, blue, it's delicious reading you over a cup of morning java!

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have cashed out of my AOD position and now am only a sideline observer.


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    • it u want to view the avatar u must press at the X

    • Correction: when I said many quarterly payers go ex-div in March I meant June (they are on a March, June, Sept., Dec. div schedule.)

    • the genius category is starting to get crowded. that is a good thing. i've added mack to the list. i'll go ahead and post the "master list" of geniuses soon. i think flash soccer, gates, and mysonchino deserve some credit. we had some good discussions on cef's back in the depths of hell (oct/nov 08 and feb/mar 09).

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      • Wow, for me to get mentioned by bluebuick is an honor. I am too out of AOD, and have been for awhile. I did get out too early. I did get out of my leveraged positions in early May also. I actually bought a short etf, SDS, but I sold it a week later, at a profit. I sold too soon, but very hard to time the market. Now, I am in a wait and see mode, with about 60% of my portfolio in stocks, predominantly dividend paying stocks, and 40% in short term bond funds and cash. I came across an interesting fund, PRPFX, which holds stocks, swiss francs, treasuries, etc. These are investments that do not have high correlations, and supposedly makes for a more steady gain in wealth as compared to just stocks. Some of you who just came into 5 million dollars may want to consider it.

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