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  • colelittle96 colelittle96 Jan 11, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    Newcomer to AOD, need advice.

    Thinking about picking up a two thousand shares, to start. What is the skinny on these guys? Would I be better off in another closed in fund? With the recent reco and the possibility of special dividends this year, along with the inflows of money to equities this should be a nice conservative investment. Thoughts?

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    • I too was considering this until the dividends cut a 50% reduction recently. My advice is never jump into these CEFs or even ETFs that have a long-term graph of losing share/unit value. Simply put chances are the value will continue to drop especially if dividends are reduced on these ETF/mutual fund/CEF/ MLPs. just my observations from 1986-87. As Kramer has said on CNBC "do your homework" before you lose your money.These were considered hot picks in 2007, WDC,NAT,DRYS,MTW,PCZ,GLW,MNK,NVDA etc .Some of them such as PCZ are delisted and DRYS is a 2 dollar stock. If you chose WDC, MTW and even GLW you chose wisely as they rebounded from 2009 and even WDC is at higher levels, Using the 5yr graph feature to check previous levels is wise as some are still holding stock from those levels of pre-2008-09 crash. Good luck and be wary taking strong-buy advice from an internet forum.Misery seeks company as my dad once said and buying sh1t stock is not smart as its usually smarter to have 100 shares of 3M corp or IBM than some SH1tstock that makes you 0% return and might cause you some stress if your not used to gambleling your cash.High dividends is the lure used to get investors to buy sh1t stock same as ponzi-schemers promise high returns so you will give them your cash.Carpe diem is not wise in stock purchase and best to remember "buyer beware" or caveat empor. cheers

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      • If your considering junkbond CEFs than just consider "swaps"ETFs such as XIV and ZIV if looking for short term high returns of a bull{rising} market. Wary investors are in ETF called XLF and RXL however CURE and other leveraged ETFs are popular this year such as FAS,UPRO and RXL. There is some homework for you to get into if you want to check returns, cheap months to buy in based on past years{december usually highest before Dec31 yearend}, high in-flow/out-flow months, underlying holdings and of course volume and total fund value.Generally only ETFs with over 1 billion asset value are considered by most CFPs{certified financial planners} but many smaller ETFs have excellent track records such as ERX,EWG and ITB.Lately I have been studying the tax advantage sh1t such as TXIFX and determined that it is indeed sh1tstock.

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    • The first thing you have to understand is that AOD is *not* a "conservative investment". Do not get inticed by high dividends. Also note how high the expense ratio is compared to an index fund like SPY. The fund would have to trade at a considerable discount for you to be compensated for the high expenses of the fund. Things may be falling into place now that the fund has cut its divi and its discount has widened as a result. Still, I would want a discount closer to 20% than 15% before I would consider buying.

    • Don't buy. Money loser from day it IPO"D. They promote a losing dividend recapture that loses money and pay themselves hudge salaries. Should be investigated and shut down.

    • This Stock is paying and has been paying a 16% div as thee economy rebounds this year AOD is also going to improve. And you can watch your money grow as you recieve a hefty div

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    • You have not got the slightest idea of what you are doing. While getting 8% plus yields is getting more and more difficult there are some good funds that provide those yields. AOD has been a disaster since the day it IPO'D, It continues to lose net asset value because in order to capture dividends they must churn the portfolio and when they do they they lose more money on the sales of securities than they make from the dividend.

    • if it hits $4.00 again, then back the truck up, cause we're going higher

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