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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Jan 30, 2013 5:29 AM Flag

    year to date performance for alpine 'new' mgmt

    NAV began the year at 4.54 and ended at 4.64 on 1/29/13. so they are plus .10 for the year and they paid out .055 in divs. so total return of .155 or 3.4% so far in 2013 (.155/4.54).

    meanwhile, SPY is up 5.8% and EZU (europe) is up 5.1%. alpine typically has 90% of their assets invested in the US and europe. if you put 50k in SPY and 40k in EZU and 10k in other areas (and made nothing on this 10%), you'd have about 5k in profit right now or a 5% total return.

    you might say, well AAPL is their largest holding (as of 10/31/12) so that has held them back. but in reality, AAPL has a larger weighting in SPY than it does in AOD's NAV.

    now 3.4% against 5.0% isn't a huge difference for just one month into the year but it is definitely not something to get excited about. i'm still long AOD due to the discount but looking forward to exiting before the alpine trainwreck continues.

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    • So, on a NAV basis from year end 2011, (NAV @ $4.81), AOD has returned just over 10% in 13 months. An astounding turnaround performance from the manglerment of AOD.
      Should we take up a collection to send them a plaque signifying outstanding, albeit historically relative, performance?
      I'll throw in a dollar.

    • Agreed that 1 month isnt a huge difference by itself. The problem is when its month after month, year after year.
      This "new management" pro for AOD is a red herring.

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