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  • alpine_rappr alpine_rappr Jan 31, 2013 10:40 AM Flag


    Alpine Funds are the worst funds, no question. So what is the deal with top insider Lieber buying an extremely large position, to add to the free positions already owned by Alpine management?

    Put on your John LeCarre hat: cross/double cross/triple cross... You can bet on this: Whatever is up will not be good for Mom&Pop on Main St.

    Any ideas?

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    • lieber probably bought for two reasons. one, the discount to NAV. it is the largest discount that AOD has had in years. have to go back to 09 for a larger discount. two, he wanted to show some support for the alpine funds after the dividend cut. it appears he didn't buy any AGD, which is only a 6% discount. so he went with AOD to show support.

      what do you mean when you say 'free positions already owned by alpine" ?

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      • I'm guessing there is something other than support going on. Alpine 'Management' has done nothing but loot AOD and the other funds. Something is in the wind.

        Free positions: Didn't 'Management' get a bunch of free shares in the IPO? There was discussion previously on this. No one seemed to be able to get the correct $# due to a misplaced ' . ' in the SEC filing. ???

        At any rate, 'Management' has always operated for 'Management'. Shareholders (the dupes/suckers/prey) are dead last in any Alpine calculation.

        [Spel Corektshun: le Carré !]

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    • I'm chalking it up to their personal portfolio management skills is the same as how they run their funds.

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