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  • alpine_rappr alpine_rappr Mar 13, 2013 4:48 PM Flag


    Alpine Woods Advisors LLC///Saxon Woods Advisors LLC///LIEbers and their 'Board' are S C A M, C O R R U P T.
    BuyBack--from where? From what money? Insiders buy, then an 'Announcement' weeks later!!!
    The (so-called) Board members are named on the Alpine website. Write them (search name and White Pages viz NY, CT). And write and call the SEC, and the Fed Prosecutor (NY). [Keep working on them, they are all Dems.]

    Where are the cogent comments-------if I'm wrong?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Only $14.00 per share to go then I get back to my initial share price. At this rate it will take 18 yrs of div to break even. I know, my fault for not selling way back! Me Bad!

    • Ponzi Scam?
      Here are some interesting numbers.
      The NAV of AOD on 1/1/2012 was $4.81 -- The NAV as of today's close is $4.76.
      In 14 &1/2 months, the NAV has declined $.05 while the fund has disbursed $.742 in monthly divs.
      On a NAV basis, the fund returned 8.1% in 2012.
      The average hedge fund returned 8% in 2012.
      On a NAV basis, the fund has returned 6.7% y-t-d in 2013.
      The average hedge fund is up 4% y-t-d in 2013.

      Any questions?

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      • 2012 was not a good year for alpine. they had 50% of their assets in US based stocks and 40% of their assets in euro stocks. SPY was up over 15% in 2012. EZU was up over 20% in 2012. i would characterize performance as follows: if alpine NAV (plus divs) was up 20% i'd say that had a great year. if they were around 15%, i'd say good year. if below 10% i'd say bad year. alot of investors lagged the averages in 2012 (you note the hedge funds) but anything under 10% is not good.

        in another thread i make some comments on 2013. this year is looking alot better than last year.

      • Yeah I have a question. When were you able to sell AOD for the NAV value?
        In the reality of what investors can buy and sell AOD for, we have to deal with AOD -8% add on the dividend and you broke even.

        Why in the world are you comparing it to hedge funds? AOD doesn't hedge. They cannot get into bonds, oil, gold or other assets. They only invest in stock so a better comparison is the S&P. Which during your time frame was +12%

        AOD isn't a ponzi scheme. They are just incompetent.

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