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  • scudjembe scudjembe Aug 28, 2005 3:07 PM Flag

    OT:Torture: The Dirty Business


    Did anyone watch this yet? Damn...
    I just saw it on Belgian television.
    This stinks...

    Torture is a multinational industry � but its headquarters is in the USA.

    Broadcast Channel 4 on Tuesday 1 March at 11.10pm

    In this programme Andrew Gilligan examines the CIA�s practice of abducting terrorist suspects and transferring them to states such as Egypt and Syria, where torture is routine. The programme also exposes the British government�s refusal to condemn the use of torture by the government of Uzbekistan, for the sake of the �evidence� it produces: 'selling our souls for dross', in the words of the former British ambassador.

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    • That guy is hsrdly your fellow citizen unless you consider yourself a citizen of the world. Not to offend ya, but its nice to pay attention to who is posting what.

    • Our politics are worse only because there are more of them (politicians). When everyone began accusing the Federal Government of slacking in their response, the president appointed himself in charge of finding out who is to blame. Do you think he will blame himself? Shouldn't this investigation be put off until they do respond? There are still thousands of people stranded and dying. They are also creating another disaster by pumping the polluted water back into the lake. The fingers are everywhere, but where are the helping hands?

    • Not to offend you, but I'm always glad to see somebody paying attention to what's going on...

      Too many of my fellow citizens seem to be as clueless as the boy king.

    • Not to offend ya, but why don't YOU concentrate on Belgian domestic policy.

    • There is a canary in our coal mine. Timely from last weekend... naturally this story will be buried in the US of A.

      From September 7, 2005 UN Development Program report on Human Development:

      "Key US health indicators are far below those that might be anticipated on the basis of national wealth. Infant mortality trends are especially troublesome. Since 2000 a half century of sustained decline in infant death rates first slowed and then *reversed*...

      Malaysia a country with an average income one-quarter that of the United States has achieved the same infant mortality rate as the United States... And the Indian state of Kerala has an urban infant death rate lower than that for African Americans in Washington, DC...

      The US - with Mexico - has the dubious distinction of seeing its child poverty rates increase to more than 20 per cent."

    • I wouldn't characterize Muslims like that. Kuwait gave $500 million for the disaster. That's almost as much money as Bush cut from the Levee upgrade program since 2003.

      Do you know how many Christian fanatics probably chuckled at the destruction of an evil city filled with doped up gays, blacks, and evil jazz music? There are religious lunatics everywhere. One group blew up the WTC. Another blew up the Oklahoma City building. Yet we don't say things like "Christians are probably happy this happened." Why is that?

    • The latest Scientific American says 20,000 people die everyday from poverty, and another 10,000 from AIDS. Most of the poorest countries have the highest rates of reproduction. For example Niger one of the ver poorest, despite high infant mortality rates, will grow its population by ove 350% by 2050, when the world population is expected to peak at about 9 billion. Yes many need handouts in the short term, but they need to address literacy, the AIDS crisis, especially in the Sub Saharan South Africa where over 10% of the children are born with AIDS. But they can't become self sufficient as long as they are depending on handouts (though obviously there aren't yet enough handouts for them to even survive).
      PS To your point though, I won't deny that American Democracy is a government that is "Of the money, by the money and for the money" LOL - It has been increasingly run by the well monied lobbies usually sponsored by Corporations. The well connected usually get the attention first.

    • Instead of sitting on this message board telling America how uncaring it is and casting blame, why aren't you in N.O. being proactive, saving those dying children that mean so much to you? I mean, for a caring person like you, this is a great opportunity to put your principles into practice, and test your commitment to your ideals, what?


    • My ears are just fine, thanks.
      Keep fiddling.

    • If that's what it sounds like to you, may I suggest you take the banana out of your ear?


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