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  • pholedphan pholedphan Jan 4, 2007 2:45 PM Flag

    New Clix from iriver with AMOLED!

    The specs on the new Clix aren't too amazing (voice recorder; FM radio; comes in 2-, 4-, and 6-GB versions), but it's cool that it sports an active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) instead of a regular LCD screen. That probably translates into an impressive battery life (better then the iPod nano's, at least), but no word yet on what it's actually rated at.

    ps;Just a word of caution to our new short friends doesn't it seem strange that this POS stock is holding onto its EOY gains rather well. Next week at the 2007 CES show in Vegas products like the one mentioned above will be on display, also PANLs CFO is presenting at the Needham & Co. growth Conference. Is his gun loaded? The question is do you feel lucky punks?

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    • I dont understand something, is Panl just a R&D company or will they actually have products that they will bring to the market?

      I 've read on their website that they have a Universal Device, but will it be first to make it on the market before the big asian companies's?

      I'm trying to understand their business model so I can maybe invest in them, but so far I dont see or understand how they will make money.

      Anyone care to help out a potential investor? I also signed up to their investor relations program for info through their website and got zilch back.

    • The website is in Korean, but it shows the Clix 2 and clearly labels it as having an AMOLED screen. There are 3 videos of the Clix 2 in action. The last one shows a comparison between the AMOLED screen and another player in a dark room.

      Engadget also had a video and pictures which show the Clix 2.

      I have read speculation on a February launch which would mean that this is likely to be the first device with a Samsung SDI screen.


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      • More on the Clix 2....

        Clix 2

        In 2007 iRiver will be introducing the second generation of the Clix, the Clix 2. iRiver has garnered a faithful band of loyal enthusiasts and the original Clix was very well received. I anticipate the Clix 2 will be an even bigger hit...and we got to play with one of the few existing examples (the Clix 2 is so new that even the iRiver reps hadn�t seen one in person until CES). The 2nd gen Clix still retains the outstanding tilting screen interface (called the D-Click System) and features a slightly revised version of their menu software. Again, this new Clix is just as easy and intuitive to navigate as the first. But the real evolution comes in the player design. The engineers at iRiver (or more correctly, their parent company Reigncom) have made the Clix 2 thinner, sleeker and easier to hold.

        The new design features a slightly longer aspect with a convex curve that feels more natural when held with one hand. To me the tilting screen felt less wobbly than the first Clix but still had a great tactile response and a precise clicking action. The 2.2� screen is bright and crisp and the video chip now supports 30 frames per second. An active matrix OLED screen replaces the first generation�s TFT-LCD. I felt as though the Clix 2 screen was less pixilated and had a better viewing angle than the Clix (and the background wallpaper is animated now). An FM tuner, FM recorder, voice recorder and alarm are all still standard features and 25 hours of music play back seals the deal. The Clix 2 will be available in 2 GB, 4 GB and an 8 GB version as well. The larger 8 GB capacity, not available on the first gen Clix, coupled with the new and improved design should easily win the hearts of current iRiver fanatics as well as the yet to be converted. I�m eagerly awaiting my test model. The Clix 2 should hit the market this Spring with a mid $100s to mid-$200s price point, depending on storage options.

    • the blue in the display looks pretty on the Clix player link.

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