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  • skimer99 skimer99 Jan 30, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    #$%$ ?

    Why the dive..n low volume ????!

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    • Skimer
      You've waited 12 years, what's another 9-12 months?
      Run up to $80, split, to $90, 3 for 1 split, $75 price. Sell. You do the math

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    • Skimmer, I'm actually pleased that we're not on the roller coaster this time. There's really no reason for high volume this time.......except for those who think green happened in the 4th quarter and Sid's projections for 2012 are low and PANL is going to seriously beat.

      Of course, by the time we reach the cc I would hope that Samsung has been buying green for a few new products during the first part of q1 and Sid can discuss this........for me, the next reason for PANL to go up is that green is in commercial use and the projected numbers are significant.

      As for tv, I've already explained my feelings about this and while I hope it's going to be the next big thing, I don't know how to model those numbers.....other than at test levels.......until there is a time table for LG and Samsung that's meaningful.

      So I'm not surprised that we're lolling around here. Hopefully, Sid and Steve will be upbeat on the cc and what they say will move the stock forward. If it is very optimistic, maybe it will help to create a little short squeeze.

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      • You have to figure a 1:1 ratio of red to green plus emitter material . OLED TV in the market will give higher visibility to OLED technology in the retail consumer market this year. Unfortunately Samsung has been able to create the impression that they have created Super AMOLED and sits atop the throne . Check it out do a Google or yahoo search Universal Display only shows up on the first page when you search for flexilbe organic light emmitted diode. It doesn.t show up on the first ten pages of OLED, WOLED ,TOLED yet some of their licenees do ? Good thing is we will know how much licensing fees for Samsung will be this year.

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    • yes a #$%$ is in order...but UDC has been the Rodney Dangerfield of tech stocks. What will be really stupid is that it didn't ride the market wave up but if the market wave goes down it might get dragged even lower. go figure. Meanwhile...RC@DC scoops up more.

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    • it has been a bit weak lately and it never broke out above 29. Earnings coming up and I assume many are assuming it will not be all that pretty. Just a guess. I hope that the positive will be all about next quarters forecast. At least we know it will not be negative this time.

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