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  • aporeh aporeh Feb 2, 2013 5:24 AM Flag

    Any thoughts on APPL and PANL talks?

    Apple doesn't manufacture hardware.... but buying UDC will give it the leverage to force Samsung to cooperate. However, Apple is into Sharp's #$%$ screens ... non bendable LCD with perhaps higher contrast. THEY ARE SCREWED

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    • APPL is an innovative and adaptable company. They will use any technology availalble to integrate a most unique product. I think you opinion is a bit off and time will show who is correct. So far, your claims are unfounded based on APPL's past performance.

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      • APPL's past performance sucks. They had the edge but since Steve Jobs stopped functioning they have done nothing. They have no innovated in the past 2 years. They are controlled by MBA zombies who will milk the company ... sell new colors, larger flash drive and then same old products.

      • I have never stated the type of deal nor have I stated that Apple wants to buy PANL. What I am stating is that OLED screen mfg can not meet demand to fulfill apple's volume on top of what is being used by Samsung and LG. We agree Samsung Am-oled screens is the better of the displays out there. Until capacity from the mfg side is expanded tremendously, Apple couldn't get the volume of Oled screens it would want. I do think soon enough that the potential for apple to do a deal with PANL's customers - as in eventually sign a contract with the MFG's of OLED screens which would be a huge boost to demand of OLED and Panl's bottom line. Via contacts in the tech sector I have heard that Apple had and has an interest in OLED displays

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