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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Feb 1, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    Any thoughts on APPL and PANL talks?

    I keep hearing APPL is working on a ultra thin big screen TV and PANL has a lot of insider buying. Are these two events related?

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    • No. AAPL needs OLED displays and PANL can't supply them those. Samsung and LG have the OLED TV segment cornered (unless Panasonic or Sony pulls a freakin huge rabbit out of their hat) and I fully expect them to keep the market between themselves until margins drop... A LOT. Why would they spend all that time and effort developing the technology just to sell it so AAPL when they can reap all the gains to themselves? AAPL is stuck with Sharp and I think any TV they put out will be DOA.

    • jamesshensel Feb 2, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

      Its doubtful that Apple will buy PANL with no experiance with the company. Its more doubtful that PANL would be bought at this stage as there is no compelling reason to do so. The need no money, that have 200 million in cash. They are just at the begining of growth for screens and lighting is 2-5 years away. How can you possible value that? Laastly, Samsung has been very good to PANL and they certainly have the means to buy PANL as well. So do many other companies. PANL is no where near the point of selling in my opinion. Maybe, maybe in 6-9 years.

    • I believe when capacity is expanded and apple can fulfill its volume with OLED, there is a chance apple panl strike a deal

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      • Apple is not going to buy PAN because it doesn't make any sense. What does make sense is Apple buying oled panels from LG display (which is ramping a small screen flexible line this spring), or AUO. There would not be a contract between PANL and Apple, because apple does not manufacture screens - contract would be between PANL and an oled manufacturer - but it really doesn't matter since all PANL cares about is materials sales and doesn't care which end product the materials end up in - if Apple adopts OLED screens it would be a significant boost to PANL material sales.

        A potentiallly sort of negative outcome is if Samsung's ramps its capacity enough to start selling to Apple instead of just producing for itself...some of the upside would be capped by the terms of the contract - royalties would not scale with materials sales like they would if Apple bought from LGD or AUO. But this is only a relative negative - Apple adoptin would be huge for the stock and for the financial statements.

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      • Apple doesn't manufacture hardware.... but buying UDC will give it the leverage to force Samsung to cooperate. However, Apple is into Sharp's #$%$ screens ... non bendable LCD with perhaps higher contrast. THEY ARE SCREWED

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