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  • embarrassing1234 embarrassing1234 Mar 1, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    As a new investor, what I learned from PANL

    PANL stock surged after their earning call but I wasn't invested in PANL so I didn't benefit. It seemed too risky. But that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything as a relatively new investor.

    1) I knew entry point was hugely important but I didn't realize it was the #1 thing to consider. If you purchased PANL on 2/22 ($32.77 at close) because you were optimistic about earnings the following week, you still haven't made all of your money back (around $30.00 as I write this). And that's with a positive earnings report! I mean, you can buy a stock because you're excited about earnings, get exactly what you want (a positive earnings report) and still lose money, that's tough.
    2) It takes longer for some technologies to become mainstream than you'd imagine. Why OLED isn't used more right now, I don't understand.
    3) PANL is a long stock. The stock dropped pretty substantially last week considering there was a report by one of a million analysts based on rumors - this is a more sensitive stock than most. Therefore, playing it short is difficult. However, because OLED is the future (at least I think so) the money has to eventually start rolling in. And as PANL makes more money, it should become less volatile.

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    • You are a liar.

    • I have traded PANL for sometime and this volatility made me some money so here are some observations:
      1) unless oled tv comes in the mkt. this won't surge. 2) worst qtr. was nov. when company had poor visibility and stock trade at 18 in A/H but in mkt. it had support around 22. 3) now as samsung and LG are planning their oled tv this year and production starts next year panl stays around 25 to 35-40. 4) yes analysts affect the movement as low float and doesn't all stocks move on such things? 4) this ER was good as growth Y/Y is still about 50% (better than most 3D companies so should trade higher as CC reflected growth is coming soon. 5) entry point is always important, have to be patient, mkt. always gives you a chance as even with good ER panl trade 28.50 before moving up.

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      • So much insight... I can't believe it! Incredible! Do you really think that this stock is volatile?
        Why doesn't Apple not adopt this new technology? Maybe its not as good at the Igzo?
        Wow.... I can't understand it. Me and my Walmart buddies appreciate you insight.
        Opps, got to go..., am being called back on the afternoon shift.

    • embarrassing dude,

      I will argue that the volatility of PANL stock is directly caused by the low number of shares outstanding and low float.
      It will remain volatile as the industry expands and quarterly earnings are --got to lov it "lumpy"

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