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  • seetheshort seetheshort Mar 20, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Value of UDC ?

    Considering the UDC patent portfolio and sales, makes you wonder what UDC is worth

    According to Reuters, Korea's Doosan is going to acquire Novaled, for $270-360 million. The deal is not final, but we hear that they expect to finalize it and announce it as soon as next month. A year ago Novaled announced plans for an IPO on the NASDAQ with an aim to raise $200 million, but indeed it's been a while since we heard any news on the IPO.

    This seems to be a good deal for Novaled, and will be one of the largest deals in the OLED industry (joining the $285 million CDT acquisition by Sumitomo in 2007 and the $250 million UDC raised in 2011). It's a very large valuation (16X sales and over 100X profit)

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    • The problem for PANL is that their patent portfolio is worthless because they have lied and not disclosed that their key patents are invalid because of prior art and this is all likely to be discovered and become public knowledge in the European Patent courts over the next few months. As a result, Samsung and others will not need to pay them a dime in royalties. At which point, the PANL share price will dive to zero. That is why 30% of this stock is short and will probably rise from there. The stock is where it is because Goldman want to get people to buy the stock so that they can short it. (Sounds like the mortgage fiasco all over again !)

    • Shortcoming,PANL is worth what Mr. Market says it's worth today. Everything else you want to dream is mental masturbation.

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      • Was the market telling us 10 years ago what 10,000 dollars in QCOM or AAPL was worth that day. Lucky I did work and guessed they would be alot more value in a few years

      • actually that is bit more complicated. Mr. Market only tells us the best bid/ask for a particular number of shares and if you have access to level 2 (or beyond) you might see some folks stating what they are willing to do beyond that best bid and ask again for a particular number of shares... so on the margin we take that last trade multiply it by the number of shares outstanding and say total cap is X realty if you want to buy or sell WAY more shares than are currently being disclosed via public market bid/ask or level 2 depth you have NO idea what kind of premium/discount you'll have to accept to move your block until you start trying to negotiate. So really the whole idea of what is the value of UDC is a mental game. We can however say that at any given time on the margin we have an indication of the value of UDC for a limited number of shares.

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      • mabel honey dudette,

        Why not try keeping that big mouth shut and quit posting trash. Sure, you are an expert on trash, I've seen your trailer park honey. That said, thi2566 your hubby brought you home a fresh Alabama speed bump(road kill) this morning so quit your yapping , get in the kitchen, open that crisco can and get to frying up that armadillo honey. Oh Ya, don't burn the grits this time. thi2566 says bring him another beer right now.

    • I'm not sure if Sumitomo has been able to earn back the $285 million investment in CDT yet in the large display p-oled market. Maybe they got burned badly.

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    • dudes

      Novaled, which is backed by venture capital groups like Samsung Venture Investment, had filed with U.S. regulators for an initial public offering last year.

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