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  • seetheshort seetheshort Apr 23, 2013 6:58 AM Flag

    about that Blue color


    your morning read:

    A group of local scientists succeeded in developing a new type of organic electric material based on carborane (C2B10H12) which can guarantee the lifetime of a blue OLED in AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode), the next generation display. According to Professor Sang-uk Kang of Korea University Energy and Future Research Lab (Department of New Material and Chemistry) and his team, they are the first in the world to develop a technology to transform carborane substance into a material that has new photoelectric characteristics and successfully apply the technology to the next generation display AMOLED. The team applied carborane material to a blue phosphorescent device which was difficult to develop, and transformed it into a device with excellent efficiency and stability.

    AMOLED is an organic light emitting display, in which an electron is injected through organic layers sandwiched between a transparent anode and a metallic cathode are recombined to create an exciton, and the newly created exciton emits light creating a particular wave. The next generation AMOLED display can be manufactured into a nanometer (nm)-thin plate, which will enable production of a transparent and flexible display capable of being applied to a wide spectrum of future IT devices. The newly developed carborane substance was applied to the blue phosphorescent EML (emission layer) of AMOLED, and the new display showed high stability and efficiency. The research will greatly influence next generation displays as well as OLED lighting, and its innovative aspect is comparable to the Nobel prize-winning carbon-based buckyball (C60) and graphene. The research is especially meaningful because it may open the door to development of substances containing a new form of optic-chemical/optic-material based on boron cluster

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