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  • dwb32852 dwb32852 May 20, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Apple Reportedly Testing 1.5-Inch OLED Displays for Smart Watch

    hmmm..not familiar w/ RITEK--anyone?

    Japanese blog Macotakara points to a pair of reports in today's edition of Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times addressing rumors surrounding Apple's smart watch effort. According to the first report [Google translation], Apple has begun sampling 1.5-inch OLED displays from RITEK subsidiary RiTdisplay.

    The report also claims that RITEK's joint venture RitFast will be supplying the touch sensor technology for the watch.

    Today's report echoes a December claim about Apple's plans for RiTdisplay's 1.5-inch displays and word that Intel is involved in Apple's effort, but includes a detail indicating that Apple had originally hoped to use a 1.8-inch display in the smart watch. That display, however, proved to be too large and the company shifted to the smaller 1.5-inch display size.

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    • Upon further research, I have learned that Dupont has a license to use PANL technology for flexible OLED television. My guess is that what RIT is doing has nothing to do with PANL........but that's just a guess.........a good guess but a guess

    • I would think that would be more up EMAN's alley, but I doubt they could handle the volume.

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    • HIMX is making the drivers for RiTDisplay and the stock has more than tripled this year. Dupont is involved as well as some others but I don't see UDC anywhere, and to try to make any meaningful revenue opportunity for UDC out of this is more than a stretch. If anything, I would like to know to what extent others can participate in the amoled screen market without needing licenses and royalties with UDC. Article said the a Si Amoled screens do not have the best resolution yet they are cheap.

      Nice to have amoled in the marketplace. A little money would be a lot nicer? An announcement from UDC? I would expect something out of UDC if it is involved in any meaningful (money) way.

    • So how does UDC make money off of this? Who is RITEK?

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      • "According to the RiTdisplay's employees I met in the booth, they can produce the AMOLED panels in their regular PMOLED production lines, but they are planning a dedicated AMOLED line. The company is already in talks with a Chinese mobile phone maker, and if this deal will go through they will begin production. The company is also developing Oxide-TFT backplanes, but this is a longer term project."

        From Oled-Info, search on RiTdisplay at SID 2012

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      • Just did a little research and it's a little convoluted.........if at all. PANL has an agreement with Dupont and Dupont is a shareholder in Ritek. Maybe that's how it would happen. Naturally, we're talking about small screens and an undetermined market but, as they say, every little bit helps. More important, if this is actually the case, it would bring Dupont and Apple into the game and it's always good to have players like that in the game. By the way, I think that GE is also a shareholder in Ritek.

        Does anyone know about this "for sure"?

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