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  • nehocjp nehocjp Jun 20, 2013 4:55 PM Flag


    This was the most uninspired presenttion I have ever heard.

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    • Don't you think it was "cool"? It sounded as if he was drunk...
      They have more labs than customers... What does all that cost?
      And to say they are better than LCD is a lie! Because QD-LCD is kicking OLED butt!
      He also keeps talking about power efficiency, but the reality is that OLED uses more power than LCD.
      And it seems that he does read my messages... especially about the patent expiring... But if that's the only thing I got wrong (which I will look into), it doesn't look good...
      So no blue...
      No new contracts...
      Nothing about Samsung and LG going for QD-LCD... So I must have gotten that right, because he didn't dispute it...
      All I hear is that OLED will be the best thing ever... Well I've been hearing that for the last 12 years... And where are they now?
      OLED WILL NOT SAVE THE PLANET!!! That is a job for Quantum Dots...
      COLED is not as energy efficient as he clams it is!
      So I agree completely with your statement; "This was the most uninspired presentation I have ever heard."
      See you at $25 and lower tomorrow!
      A new ticker symbol and website...
      LMAO ROTF...

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    • how many ASM presentations have you heard? Give us an example of an inspiring one (I mean in the universe of ASM's you've heard). Have you ever heard ANY inspiring ASM's by Any company. I'm kinda curious as I don't generally listen to any ASMs by any company so I have no reference to draw upon.

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    • What did you expect?

    • LOL! Oh WOW! Who kornholed you? You've got to be the most depressed individual on all of the Yahoo message boards. Here are a few "depressing" quotes from the "presentation" for you to ponder. Hopefully someone will "gift you" with a box of razor blades.

      -"net income more than tripled, operating income rose 141% and revenues were up 36% compared to 2011."

      -"major business milestones achieved during 2012, highlighted by the purchase of Fujifilm’s portfolio of more than 1,200 OLED worldwide patents and patent applications. This acquisition nearly doubled Universal Display’s existing patent portfolio, while also enabling the company to explore new and exciting areas of OLED materials and product development. In addition, the company announced that its newly introduced phosphorescent green host and emitter materials have been adopted for commercial production by a leading global display manufacturer. “We believe that the commercial implementation of a second color material and technology is a clear sign that Universal Display’s products are being more widely adopted in the market, marking yet another milestone along the Company’s strategic growth path to further encourage broader adoption of OLED technology and materials throughout the display and lighting markets.”
      “The markets for OLED technology are rapidly developing, driving Universal Display’s growth path,” said Mr. Abramson. “Innovation throughout the global OLED display and lighting markets is a hallmark of Universal Display, and we are seeing increasing demand for our PHOLED technologies and materials, which is contributing to our strong performance. Our expanding product and patent portfolio is paving the way for Universal Display to extend its position as a global leader in OLED technology, materials and services.”"

      If you think these are bad, you should be put on suicide watch IMMEDIATELY!!!

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    • New name on this board.

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