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  • groucho17 groucho17 Feb 11, 2002 12:34 PM Flag

    GOLD slingshot

    Goldfields stock of late is akin to a fine slingshot...the more pullback the greater the upside move....just about the time we consolidate we are moving north again...excellent...regards, groucho

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    • where do you feel is the best place to buy physical gold? thanks

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      • There are better experts than I on where to get best buys on physical...would ask that question on NEM board as there are a large number of buyers there...my own preference is in coin form and would own gold and silver coins whether the market liked them or not so am not the best one to ask...I buy St. Gaudin goldpieces and Morgan dollars...if you wish to own bulk gold can buy ingots or rounds if not quite ready to take that brick home...one name bandied about over there alot is Tulving...think the key is 1)are they reputable and 2)are they selling near spot?...one thing is for sure...you will not regret owning some as it is beautiful to behold...regards, groucho

    • I like the analogy groucho. Reminds me of a certain story of one David and Goliath. Suppose that these could be analagous to gold vs. fiat. One guess as to which is which. We all know how that little spat ended.

      Give me one good shot with my lump of gold against the top heavy anti-gold leviathan with feet of clay. I'll take my chances.

      best regards, ss

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