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  • rubiconempire rubiconempire Apr 21, 2002 10:03 AM Flag

    Hey foolbeta...

    After you put down Barrons, The New York Times, or exit Raging Bull lets talk... I know the companies balance is ugly, and I did read their 10-K and every other article I could find for the last (2) years, and I would prefer to agree to disagree with you. Just one final thought... yes the bubble burst for the dot.coms, and yes many stock lost 90-95-100% of their value, but no one stopped anyone from selling in March & April of 2000. It was Greed on the Way DOWN, Not UP that caused alot of people to get hurt. I will be the first to say SELL!!! when the speculation equals the most optimistic forecast. For now, the stock goes higher, alot higher, even if the balance sheet goes nowhere. RESPECTFULLY, RUBICON

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    • I am not one who posts very often but I must comment on ADSX.I agree with you that this stock will now be in the forefront for security....I have owned this stock from the moment they bought the rights for the digital angel.....unfortunately due to the current world crisis this type of security will be required......I also own GOLD long term and believe for me this is just the beginning for a long term bull market for gold .......Question. ADSX was mentioned in a big article in Newsday ,was it also mentioned in Barrons? Thanks

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