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  • salmonbrotherss salmonbrotherss Oct 6, 2003 8:09 AM Flag

    WTEL bankrupcy means all

    claims & obligations are settled for pennies on the $. So, WTEL has emerged from BK with about $ 550 million in debt & LUK has over $ 1 Billion in cash. NO DEBT BOMB. WTEL is almost cashflow neutral but I do not know the size of the NOL. Can anyone help ? thanks.

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    • Re: WCG Liabilities
      by: finewinetaster (38/M/Beverly Hills, Ca.)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 10/10/03 07:08 pm
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      The big one is one that came attached to the SBC contract. If they decide to leave WilTel then LUK/WILTEL have to pay 200 million to SBC to facilitate the move. How you like that liability lose your biggest customer and have to pay 200 million as they head for the exit door. There are lots of little details that the LUK shareholders do not have a foggy notion of that came with WilTel. That is why it is a very risky play and that risk is not in the price of LUK stock!!!

      Sell now and you will not be sorry!!!

    • It was a rhetorical question. There is no tooth fairy.

    • Wiltel has the option of walking away. From the 2002 10-K "For the services each must seek to obtain from the other, the prices,
      determined separately for each product or service, generally will be equal to
      the lesser of the cost of the product or service plus a specified rate of
      return, the prices charged to other customers, or, in some circumstances, a
      specific rate. If either party can secure lower prices for comparable services
      that the other party will not match, then that party is free to utilize the
      lowest cost provider."

      Hope this helps.

    • <<<so where did the other half of the WTEL stock come from, then? the tooth fairy?>>>

      Excellent question...!!! Anyone can answer...???

      "History of WCG will be repeated at WTEL/LUK...!!!"

    • Why would SBC leave Wiltel? Isn't Wiltel obligated to provide a "lowest" price for them? Even if they loose money?

    • Well buckwheat, I don't believe I ever actually called him(moger/finewine) a prick, but I came to the same conclusion as you did.

      Hey finewine/ bad do those WCG losses hurt you when you think about them, huh? I say get over it...I've lost money on stocks before and its no fun. Its why you are supposed to diversify or do alot of due dilligence. I at one time or another have onwed several companies that are now BK or near it. I took some hits on the chin and sold at a loss but I don't go to those message boards and complain because it was my fault. I didn't do enough dd then, now I do. You however, are still stuck in the past.

    • there are some nutsos here they say anyone who is at all negative is all one person. This shows that they lack factual analysis. This is about the stock and the facts not about the posters. Some would rather debate personal items rather than the facts.

      I predict that SBC will leave WilTel. That will leave LUK with a lot of overhead to cover. LUK is a one trick pony. It is now a fiber optics company with one major customer who has recently sued them over the term and condition of the contract.

    • Look why do so many people think I am several people? I am not...I have never posted on a yahoo board with any other name other than "brewzer_bob" and I never said "NEVER SAID" anything negative about LUK ever?

      I should not have let my anger/hurt allow me to stoop to a level of bad mouthing someone on a public board...instead of telling them myself? With that my whole point was there were prob many reason's to have let me go from "Wiltel"...However me and a few other people know 100% that was not the case it was personal and I let that bother me...I should not have...I tried to retract what I said not because I didn't feel that way but because it simply was not profesional that's all.

      Rest assured I am not Moger/Wine/Ron or anyone other than brewzer_bob I do not know anyone on these boards (that I know of anyhow) either. I do not care who buys or sells any stocks I never tried to lead anyone...The only reason I posted on the WCG board a long time ago was because someone bashed u'ens can stop thinking anyone else is me cause they are not, I am only "brewzer_bob"...on any yahoo message board ever.

      I met allot of people at Wiltel/Worlcom/WCG/Wiltel...That I really like and still like and of course like anywhere or anyone a few I don't. I hope all my friends keep their jobs and are succesfull and those people that know me will know I'm not BS'n about that at all...I wish all you all well...

      So at least you guys who are so mean as to rub it into someone's face about there finances be robbed or someone loosing there job at least stop accusing me of being someone else...


    • he loves to talk about yesterday's news doesn't he?

      Here is todays news - LUK up strongly, within reaching distance tommorrows of new highs. If Moger/Fletch and the rest of the trollops that lost their ass on WCG could read a chart they would see this stock is breaking out to the upside.


      While others stagger with debt WTEL is moving forward and will be cash flow positive next year to the tune of at least $100Million - and LUK will be able to start using those NOL's.

      HOFD moving forward with large cash hoard
      MKAU soon to announce their $$$financing for Spanish mine.
      Cresud moving up (do you even know who that is Moger/Wine=Peckerhead?)
      New Reinsurance business doing well...and more.

      All systems go for LUK. As for Moger, as usual, his future is dark and glooomy.

      Will his buy of LVLT right at the high ($7.50) ever get him back to even? Stay tuned.

      See ya Moger, you are a lying, stinking prick of large amounts

    • Perhaps you should read what exactly each party stipulated to! It was not resolved and to have your largest customer screwed and suing you is very rare. This shows the risky nature of the LUK investment and they bet the ranch on risky fiber optics company.
      They are desperate to make up for all the penny ante losers they have swept under the rug.
      "I think the SBC issue has been taken care of. Afterall, the BK judge wouldn't let them emerg(over liquidate) if the largest customer was going to bolt...."

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