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  • mastermind_not mastermind_not Jun 8, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    Oregon Natgas project

    As a LUK shareholder, this project seems like a money pit, with NIMBY resistance among the locals and choppy regulatory waters.

    As a working taxpayer, I'm nauseated by the NIMBY crowd and the politicians who pander to the radical environmental fringe. Forget Leucadia. We have an abundant natural resource (natural gas). Private businesses are willing to invest huge dollars in construction and operations to create an export industry. The construction will "stimulate" jobs in the short term, and the operating facilities will create good long-term jobs. Last time I looked, we were in the midst of an unemployment crisis.


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    • Mastermind, I agree. The radicals environmentalist "care" to the point it is not in their backyard. But, they dont really seem to care so much, even at a much higher environmental impact? Think about the cost to transport oil for instance from the Middle East to get to the poor folks in Oregon? Do they care? No!. Have any of them quit driving cars that use petro? Turned off their air conditioners? Heaters? Quit flying? Obviously there is a huge carbon footprint keeping their *sses warm in winter and cool in summer. Their argument is specious at best. Meanwhile the good, longterm jobs go elsewhere.

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