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  • Western_88 Western_88 May 11, 1999 5:44 AM Flag

    Tax, Schmax- anyone go to the meeting?

    If you want the latest research report on this
    stock take a click

    They have all the past reports too. I don't know about
    you but I always see something important that I
    didn't know about when I skim over the reports. It can
    be helpful in evaluating a stock and its

    Also, here is the link to an invaluable resource for

    You can access quotes for LUK in real time without
    the 15 minute wait of other systems. Why should
    Brokers and big shots have a 15 minute advantage over

    This is a link you'll really be glad you had on days
    when your stocks are trading crazy.

    Take care.

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    • "Value buying has been totally out of favor over
      the last year and a half," notes Alan Snyder of
      Snyder Capital Management, Inc. in an interview with
      (The Wall Street Transcript, 100 Wall St., New York,
      NY 10005, 52 issues, $1,890, 4/5/99). "But we've
      been able to continually find stocks that have so many
      special factors going on within the company that we have
      been able to significantly outperform our benchmark,
      which is the Russell 2000. Currently, there are quite a
      few stocks that we're involved in." Here's Snyder's
      review of some of his favorites:


      "The second stock which we think has a tremendous
      upside potential is Leucadia National (LUK 30 NYSE). It
      had been run for the last couple of decades by a
      couple of guys who have track records that are really
      not that much different from Warren Buffett's.
      They're tremendous value investors. In 1997 and 1998 they
      began liquidating what they had. Originally their
      portfolio was very heavily-oriented toward the insurance
      industry. But they've sold Colonial Penn Life, they just
      got involved in a real estate in France, and they're
      looking at other firms mostly in the financial services
      businesses. The people who run this company are very
      opportunistic. The stock is currently selling at around 30 a
      share, which is less than just the cash on the balance
      sheet. We feel that the total current asset value of the
      company is closer to $40 per share, and we expect a large
      cash dividend soon." (Editor's note: In line with
      Synder's expectations, the firm has since announced a $12
      dividend payable on May 21st, 1999 to stockholders of
      record on May 14, 1999)

      Hope this helps

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