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  • Angioaccess_R_Us Angioaccess_R_Us Mar 29, 1999 3:01 PM Flag

    DOW up 181; FLT needs a FLEETs ENEMA 2


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    • Stock is in a precipitous slide, with no relief
      in sight. Check out Sorry I
      don't know how to do links.

      While you are there,
      check out FTU C JPM and others. While I and others may
      make some comic relief, we may be masking what could
      be a serious problem.

      Check out "weekly
      second opinion" available on Suretrade. They have been
      advising for several weeks to RUN, not walk away from

      I can't buy what I hear on this board and the BKB
      board that "investors don't understand the economies to
      be reaped from this merger"

      I think astute
      investors can analyze this thing pretty well and they are
      not stepping up to the plate to pick off this deal at
      bargain prices.

      But it really is worse...Fleet's
      performance for the past year has been poor and this current
      slide started in January, with no sign of a let

      If astute investor thought that this was a good deal
      or that Fleet itself was a good bet for a takeover
      at $50 someplace down the road, they would be all
      over this stock.

      So why not?

      Not because
      the street is down on Financials, quite the opposite
      is true.

      Not because the street is down on
      Regional Banks. As the soon to be eigth largest bank in
      the country and supposedly with assets like Quick &
      Reilly, Fleet should have outgrown it's regional

      I can only reach one conclusion, they don't think
      Fleet is worth the risk versus possible

      While we can all sit here and posit what we think Fleet
      is worth and what it will do in the future, we
      really don't count! It's what those to whom we might
      sell our Fleet shares think and clearly those thoughts
      aren't good!

      Anyone have any ideas? Sit tight is
      not one of them!