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  • Chief_Rocker1 Chief_Rocker1 Jan 2, 1999 5:26 PM Flag

    Let me first say that I hold a short pos

    Well, I could be wrong, but when I see the insiders selling (no other than people with last names of Geerling and Wade), that's telling me something.

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    • Insiders can sell for a whole host of reasons
      which have nothing to do with the company's anticipated
      performance. I know from whence I speak. I've been

      The key in my mind is how much of an insider's
      position is being liquidated. If the percentage is
      substantial, your case has some merit. Even then, a guy could
      be splitting up with his wife and settling with her,
      or any number of other things. Paul

    • The insider selling has been a constant for a
      long time now. Of course, it did catch my eye

      I investigated this to find out if it is
      significant or not.
      According to "CDA/Investnet", which is
      an Insider Selling rating service, the insider
      selling is "NEUTRAL". I don't have a web site address for
      them, but I found this out through a "Thomson Company
      Report", which is available to me over the internet
      through my online broker.

      I also did some of my
      own math.
      Mr. Geerlings has sold only 2.5% of his
      shares this year. Hardly meaningful. Maybe a summer
      home, a boat, who knows.

      Mr. Wade seems to be on
      a systematic cashing out. He has sold 11% of his
      stake this year. He seems to sell every qtr. no matter
      the price. I'm do not know what his role in GEER is
      these days.

      There was Insider Buying, too. This
      is a First! A Director and the CEO and the CFO. Now
      that may indicate a sea change of insider outlook.

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      • While insider selling is typically a concern one
        must look at the source of the selling. Neither of
        Messrs. Geerlings nor Wade are involved in the operations
        of this company and have not been for over a year.
        These poor guys came public with a lot of fanfare a
        number of years ago (Inc. 100 and other honors). They
        then proceeded to miss quarterly estimates. In short
        they were good entrepeneurs with a great idea but
        lousy executors and not savvy to running a public co.
        In came Essa and the new management team. It has
        taken a few quarters for them to get acclimated but I
        think they've got it now. Messrs. Geerlings and Wade,
        Wade especially, like most entrepeneurs thought if
        they couldn't do it nobody could. As a result they,
        especially Wade, have been regular sellers during the
        insider windows allowing such sales. They may continue
        because of the price or they may stop, seeing that this
        thing is now working, and it is.

        In short, the
        insider selling is irrelevant. What is positive is the
        buying by the CEO, CFO and directors.

      • Will not do anything to price on

        "Spreading some cheer through the giddy Internet-stock
        sector, this direct marketer of wine announced that it
        hired a firm to fortify its electronic-retailing Web

        Followed by a yearly graph and price change for the week.
        An excessive run.All this in a sea of other graphs
        just like it!

        GOOD LUCK!

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