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  • dval dval Jan 4, 1999 10:07 AM Flag

    Junk Messages begone

    The trash is piling up in this message thread. At
    these levels GEER still has fundamental value as well
    as evidence of future growth prospects. Those of us
    who are willing to wait will reap some gains in the
    'longer' term which may only be months for efficient
    valuation. Is it too much to ask that day traders post
    messages that are in English and have some content.

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    • caps? I listened to all this short crap on the
      MALL Board when it traded under $10. I held it for 5
      months and got out at 24, 29 and 42. (CR8ZY, I
      understand you don't care how much money I made on MALL.) I
      believe all small caps with good fundamentals are due for
      a run as investors look for value. Some rapidly
      become overvalued as did MALL. If GEER becomes
      overvalued, on fundamentals, we can exit and let the traders
      play with it.


    • This stock has gotten an incredible amount of
      exposure over the last several days. I was just surfing
      through some of the SI and other Yahoo boards and have
      found a lot of mentions. Many people have put it on
      their watch list etc... I think GEER will firm up
      sooner than most people think.

    • start a discussion about the reasons wine is a
      more viable option to sell over the internet than say
      BOOKS. Sorry, I couldn't pass them up.

      when started selling books over the net,
      the big talk was how no one would buy them because
      they couldn't look at and read them first. Everyone
      said the the "atmosphere" of a book shop was important
      to the the sale. Wrong. It just turns out that the
      margins are lousy. can sell books, but can't
      make money.

      GEER is in a better positon I
      believe. When I go into the local wine shop, they
      certainly don't let me take a sip of each wine before I
      decide to buy. (Sorry, no browsing allowed). As a matter
      of fact, about the only visible difference between
      one bottle to another is the label. Most store owners
      know nothing of the product they sell, and have
      resorted to cutting out reviews from vairous sources to
      describe the wine.

      There really is no point to
      going to a wine shop at all if you can purchase it
      through the catalog or web at a cheaper price and know
      that the wine is of consistant quality.

      Demographically, the web is a paradise of wine consumers. Many of
      whom have already bought from, read this
      board, and trade with an online broker.

      Oh, and
      the margins for wine are much, much, HIGHER than for

    • GEER's got a lot of good things going here.
      Anyone who knows short behavior can predict this stock
      activity and these posts.

      Again, I remind readers,
      look at some facts;
      - fully legal wine seller with
      website plus catalog
      - predominently insiders buying
      over past 6 months
      - positive earnings
      - price /
      sales ration of <2
      - new marketing VP w/ world
      class credentials
      - press in CNBC, Barrons, Motley
      Fool and others
      - best qtr ever earnings due to be
      released soon
      - float of only 1.8M shares, and,
      - a
      bunch of shorts who need to spread fear into the hearts
      of recent buyers now while they can

      If you're
      looking for a l/t investment, stay put. And don't ever
      sell "At market" and certainly not after such a down
      Look at the 1 day chart. After early selling,
      support level is held.

      GEER may fluctuate down
      tomorrow, it may go up, it may be bought out, sold or
      anything else imaginable, however, there is no mistaking
      this as a great growth stock with almost unlimited
      upside and very little downside potential at this

      Go long and stay long.

    • 2222

    • Please go.........elsewhere........Thanks

    • I'm sure we will see you again at $15.

    • for the next 2-3 days. They have nothing to do with where the price is going in the next day or two.


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