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  • spf_scippy spf_scippy Jun 9, 1999 4:52 PM Flag

    4% below 200 dma is significant?

    I don't think so, Tim. Stock is behaving very
    normally and is undergoing a simple correction. This panic
    of yours is confirmation that now is the time to
    buy. When there's blood in the street and a lot of
    whining and sniveling, that's when you pick up the cheap
    shares. If you are so worried, be a man and SELL, and
    stop your complaining.

    "Earnings have been
    great the past couple of years". No they haven't. Going
    back to 1994 the earnings have been:

    1995 1.59
    1996 1.52
    1997 1.72
    1999 3.86 (projected)

    As you can see earnings
    have been flat until 1998, and that was due mainly to
    the last quarter of 1998. So the growth is less than
    a year old. If you don't believe that there is
    continued strong growth ahead, then you don't understand
    this company or their products or their

    "Some clown said this is a 60 $ stock". You're awful
    tough with your insults from the safety of cyber space.
    The PE of this stock is less than half the industry
    average, but has 2-3 times the growth of the industry
    average. $60 is certainly fair value.

    "This is not
    a 25% growth stock". YOU'RE RIGHT! It's a 74%
    growth stock. But why quibble over a few percent.
    Apparantly 4% is "significant" to you.

    See you in six
    months - at $60. That is, if you have the balls to hold
    during this little panic.

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    • Keep it coming.

    • Many of the fortune 500 CEO's are meeting in
      China to discuss entry into the WTO. Executives from
      Rockwell, Cargill, Coke, Viacom, etc. were meeting with
      Chinese leaders last week to iron out differences. Trade
      rep. negotiations will resume in Washington on Monday
      Oct 4, 1999. It looks like the ball has started

    • AULT reported nicely rising sales in their most
      recent quarter,
      but earnings were down. Looks like
      they are making infrastructure investments in order to
      handle future revenue
      growth. It will be interesting
      to see if BELF pulls the
      trigger and takes them


    • News is that China is demanding more concession
      from the United States over issues that the U.S.
      negotiators had considered resolved months ago. China WTO
      entry looks unlikely, but these things evolve. Thank
      goodness we have a free-trade President, unlike the
      idiotic protectionist Republican Congress which prefers
      to impoverish everyone just to make an infantile
      point. The business community is solidly behind the
      Clinton Administration on this one, folks.

      anyone know the mix of factories in H.K., Macau and the
      rest of the PRC? I think that factories in H.K. and
      Macau should be free of Chinese meddling, but those on
      the "mainland" could be subject to arbitrary
      bureaucratic intrusion.

    • Bel is working with Osmonics on auto products, NOT Siemens.

    • This morning's WSJ...Tyco buying Siemens' electromechanical
      components unit. Siemens is Bel's partner in the auto business.
      Paying $1.1B for $900M in revs, assuming regulatory clearance.

    • Interesting. I've been a Tyco Shareholder for a
      while. It would certainly fit into their line. It would
      be immediatly accretive to their earnings. The only
      problem I see is that Tyco likes taking companies with
      troubled management, slashing overhead etc. These guys
      already seem pretty lean. Look at what they were able to
      do with Lucent division. They like turnarounds and
      this isn't a turnaround. I've heard crazier rumours.

    • enter the WTO this year. The children on Capitol
      Hill are too busy bickering with the slime ball in the
      White House to get anything constructive done in time.
      But the recent trade talks have been

      But, today's volume sure was pathetic.

    • how few shares it takes to move this stock down. A 100 share sell can move it down $1. This Market Maker has no balls.

    • They are very agressive. Their stock is fantastic. They
      just bought AFCX (AFC Cable) by outbidding Thomas & Betts.
      BEL management would sleep very well at night holding TYC

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