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  • qvest610 qvest610 Nov 29, 2000 7:32 PM Flag

    Re: Analyst targets...

    BEL is holding up fairly well in this tech wreck,
    probably because of the early life cycle of several
    products. All intended to increase the speed of access to
    emerging consumer technologies. Estimates for 2001 are
    drifting up to $4.00 per share, which even in a tough tech
    market could fetch $60 per share. If techs rally for
    several weeks, I expect BELFB to come out of the gate
    with a bang.

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    • I was taught in accounting, many years ago, that
      EPS is defined as earnings for outstanding shares.
      Shares owned by the company do not count. THe same is
      true of dividends. A company does not pay dividends to
      shares owned by itself. If a company sells shares they
      dilute earnings, and when it buys them back they
      increase the earnings/share.

    • You are right.
      That is how they define shares
      They don't define plain EPS, however.
      If it is true
      that company owned shares are not considered as
      "shares outstanding", I may have been wrong in my prior

      Is there anybody out there that knows, if the EPS
      increases, when the company buys back shares?

    • qvest610.....other than YAHOO, where are you
      seeing 2001 estimates drifting up? and what are the
      numbers if any?

      I always wonder why YAHOO keeps
      the BELFA earnings at the old level and yet puts
      BELFB at $2.51 for the last 12 months, including that
      one 41 cent quarter.

      The lone analyst who
      covers BEL Fuse on YAHOO hasn't raised his 76 cents for
      the Dec 2000 quarter.
      I hope he is just as
      conservative in this quarter's estimate as he was in the last.
      I also hope not everyone is now expecting the Dec.
      00 to also be over 90 cents. It may be up there but
      I like to think of worst case scenario in making my
      bets. IF we only hit his 76 cents over this and the
      following quarter then the earnings will still be well over
      a annualized $3.00 a share .60+ .92+ .76(forcast)+
      .76 = $3.04

      At that level which I imagine most
      of you think is conservative, given last quarter and
      the CC, then that means we are now trading at under
      11 times earings while earnings are growing at over
      30%. This seems near the low end of the PE swings that
      this stock takes with the high end being in the 18+ PE
      range. Unless Nasdaq dips under 2,000 then this seems
      like a fairly safe level for placing a bet.
      lower and I certainly hope management is going to do
      some of that buying that they mentioned.

      I am
      wondering if any of the other analysts you have read have
      given any recent indication or changes in their


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      • These estimates are my own. I follow the CO. &
        the other analysts seem to update on a quarterly
        basis. I know that this is a very rough TECH
        environment, but keep in mind that BEL is generating FREE cash
        flow {after capital expenditures & minimal dividends-
        no debt service} of $35 MILLION per year with no
        growth in two years you would have cash of over $13.00
        per share. Of course there will be accelerating
        growth. Just imagine how this gem will stand out & the
        acquisition opportunities in the POWER areas.

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