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  • henry_jimbob henry_jimbob Feb 14, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    just to start a new thread;


    endo, I suppose I write rhetorically, everything that you say is true;
    holding is a great option, especially if a person spots something early;
    but you have to admit that trading troughs provide profit opportunities;
    The hardest thing about trading is not being able to get point volume;
    The Market maker algorithms are behavioral, and fast, and don't allow for
    point volume; Undoubtably the best thing to do is to find a good stock,
    hold volume, wait a while, (quarters or even years), and then
    sell covered calls way above your buy position;

    Your stock surely held 18, and now nicely holding 19;
    It's a good one, but I make more money trading ahead of earnings;
    Just today, prior to the open, I was looking at ITT, last q release was good;
    this q was good; didn't buy yesterday's close; all in cash just
    walking around the store;

    I'll definitely buy the dip in spw if the market sells off, but now I'm content
    to just be long cash instead of stock; I suppose you could call it point risk;
    (really risk aversion);

    I'm glad that you have a good profit here, let them take you higher
    with it; I'll still look for a trading dip; such is the difference between folks;

    This topic is deleted.
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