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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Jun 9, 2014 1:01 PM Flag

    Just a reminder

    The William Blair presentation is tomorrow at 10:10 AM. Would love to hear some more positive news on how the sales effort is going. Would also love to hear them reiterate 40% revenue growth going forward. This recent move up is not on heavy volume and some might view that negatively. To me it looks more like Institutional selling has hopefully dried up. I remain convinced that when Institutions report exposure outstanding as of June 30th, one or more major players will show a substantial decline in exposure.
    regards endo

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    • My takeaway:
      Story is intact and improving.
      Xi will include Firefly as a standard.
      Terminating LIfe Cell agreement is likely....
      Will be immediately accretive to revenue.
      At the same time, the costs of selling are going down since hospitals are getting more comfortable with
      Novadaq's products and outcomes.
      Love the educational forums (4 this year) where 200 surgeons of multi specialties get a tutorial from the company. at each about cheap advertising!
      We must be patient over the next 2-3 years as the technology. acquisitions and sales force all combine to make the magic happen.

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      • Thanks for your valuable insights.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • pezel & fhaims

        Could not agree with your comments more. I like the way they now divide the business into two major categories surgery and diagnostic. These two recent acquisitions are going to bear a lot of fruit down the road. Arun did mention what I had hoped to hear. He again stated that revenue growth will continue at 40% and they are at 65 salesmen. Arun tends to be conservative in these presentations but the tone of his voice and comments sounded very confident. As Pezel has already pointed out, he indicated that the capital expenditure constraints facing a lot of hospital administrators does not apply as much to Novadaq products because they are not only clinically positive but also economicly positive. He also indicated that Luna is generating additional revenue for the hospitals because once the patient sees the machine in action, they want the machine used again on their next visit.

        His comments strongly indicated that they will be terminating the relationship we have been speaking about. In the question period he indicated how the two companies are already talking about an orderly turn over of the marketing effort. The partner to date has received 50% of the revenue. When the baton is passed Novadaq will get 100% of the revenue.

        As it relates to competition there is presently none. Arun indicated that companies are sure to look at getting into the same business but are going to have a problem figuring out how to do it. For example, with Luna, the company is adding software that is very useful to the doctor in his determination how to specifically proceed, whereas in the past, the doctor throws 5 possible remedies at the patient all at once. I continue to believe that Luna will be huge in the future

        This presentation is definitely worth a listen.
        regards endo

      • The new slides are blockbuster. The color differentiation is powerful. Listen to the archived presentation if possible. I think the lymph node possibilities will be very important.

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