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  • andersongordon Aug 5, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

    Q2 2014 Result

    The revenue was a little light but lets put things in perspective. The shortfall was about $300k. That's less than two sales of LUNA or PINPOINT. TWO! come on, given that the company itself said it would take 6-9 months for its marketing hires to come up to speed, and the real gauge of how they are doing won't be fully realized until the 3rd and mostly 4th quarter, lets wait an see. More on this once I listen to the conference call. Earnings were spot on...The analyst said a loss of $0.08 yesterday and that what they came in at, meaning the gross margins are ~60%-70%. Once volumes pick up expect the gross margins to approach and then breach the 70% mark.


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    • GSA - Luna and Pinpoint sales increased $3.9M (from $1.2M to $5.1M), while total revenue increased only $3.1M, so outside Luna and Pinpoint, revenue declined. Some of that can be blamed on daVinci - is the rest because Lifecell has already bailed out?

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      • andersongordon Aug 5, 2014 8:16 AM Flag

        Tred, I believe you are correct. ISRG sold half of their 97 machines as the new Xi and none of those could have the Novadaq technology "revenue" recognized because the FDA has not approved it yet. All of the other half ~50 Si machines would not have the Novadaq tech as historically it ran around 80-85%. I also think you are correct about LifeCell as last quarter they were essentially only selling from their existing inventory with no new orders to Novadaq.


    • AG

      Bear in mind that royalty payments of firefly for the new Davince model were delayed until FDA clearance. That should more then make up for the $300 thousand short fall. Excellent procedure growth.
      regards endo

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